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My daugh­ter shrieked while my son cov­ered his eyes with his hands. ‘No, it’s a mon­ster,’ he cried. ‘Please. Don’t hurt me.’ I tut­ted and rolled my eyes. ‘Very funny guys,’ I mut­tered, but my lit­tle girl wouldn’t give up. ‘Are you get­ting ready for Hal­loween?’ she de­manded. My son laughed. ‘It’s way too early for that,’ I said, get­ting an­noyed now.

I wasn’t wear­ing a mask and hadn’t dressed up as a witch or a ghoul. It was a Fri­day and for once, I’d de­cided to go make-up free. That meant my chil­dren could see my blotchy skin, along with open pores on my nose and cheeks, my tiny eyes with blonde, skinny (read non-ex­is­tent) lashes and equally fair eye­brows. I didn’t look like me.

Usu­ally I wear kohl around my eyes, lay­ers of plump­ing and vo­lu­mis­ing mas­cara, and a bright lip­stick. A year-round tan, helped along with a tinted mois­turiser and pow­der give an il­lu­sion of flaw­less skin. Now bare-faced, I was scar­ing my own chil­dren and be­gin­ning to think I should book an ur­gent beauty salon ap­point­ment for lash ex­ten­sions, dyed eye­brows and der­mabra­sion.

But once the kids had calmed down and stopped with the Hal­loween jokes, I was glad to go au na­turel. It meant my skin could breathe and re­ju­ve­nate it­self with­out be­ing buried un­der lay­ers of cos­met­ics. Celebri­ties have al­ready dis­cov­ered the ben­e­fits of dar­ing to bare, with many adopt­ing the 5:2 beauty diet where they go make-up free for two days a week. It gives the skin a break, and can even leave us look­ing younger, ac­cord­ing to ex­perts. Turn to page 60 to find out more – and maybe, like me, you can adopt this new skin-friendly regime. Af­ter all it’s just in time for Hal­loween!

Un­til next week,

Now make-up FREE, I was SCAR­ING my own CHIL­DREN and be­gin­ning to think I should book an ur­gent SALON ap­point­ment for LASH ex­ten­sions

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