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Q My mum- in-law gave me her most trea­sured fam­ily heir­loom–a cast-iron skil­let–but said I must never put it in the dish­washer. Howdo I take good care of it?

A Your mum- in-lawis right – run­ning your skil­let through the dish­washer could ruin its coat­ing. To clean all those stub­born bits that stick to it, pour a fist­ful of sea salt into it while it is still warm, then us­ing a folded kitchen towel, care­fully scour the pan. Throw­away the salt and rinse the skil­let un­der warm wa­ter with­out any soap.

Dry the skil­let im­me­di­ately with a towel. Pour 1 tbsp of oil in it and rub all over with a wad of pa­per towel. This is vi­tal to de­velop that glossy patina, ward off rust and re­tain its non-stick prop­er­ties. Now gen­tly heat the pan so it soaks in the oil. Let it cool down, then store in a plas­tic bag so that uten­sils touch­ing it do not get greasy.

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