Friday - - Editor’s Letter - Mri­nal Shekar Deputy Edi­tor

Growl or glare, or both. For my fa­ther, these two verbs were key to be­ing a par­ent. Then there was the occasional rap on the knuck­les, the most lethal weapon in my fa­ther’s ar­moury and the most ef­fec­tive. It always worked in con­trol­ling two brats – my brother and I – who, for the best part of their col­lec­tive child­hoods, tested his pa­tience and ques­tioned their mother’s con­stant threat, ‘Just wait un­til I tell your fa­ther...’

As we crossed our teenage years, the dy­nam­ics changed. The ever-so-an­gry old man mel­lowed down. The growl turned into a grunt and in­stead of say­ing no most of the time, he al­lowed us to test our wings. Proud of our small­est achieve­ments, he be­came our big­gest sup­porter and guid­ing force, the wind be­neath our wings.

Now, when my brother and I have found our paths to our goals in life, but look up to

As my brother and I GREW UP, our fa­ther MEL­LOWED down. So, now when I try to UN­DER­STAND what kind of a FA­THER he is and what’s his PAR­ENT­ING style, I re­alise he doesn’t FIT INTO any stereo­types

the old man for ap­proval once in a while, we feel we are a sum of his love for us, which still shines in his wrin­kled old eyes. Mak­ing him proud is the se­cret to our hap­pi­ness.

So, when I be­gan to dis­sect my fa­ther’s par­ent­ing style af­ter read­ing the fea­ture, ‘What type of dad are you?’ on page 36, I re­alised he does not re­ally fit into any one stereo­type. He has been and still is all of them.

My brother and I turned out fine, so I guess what­ever his style of par­ent­ing might be, it worked.

Let me know what you think. Un­til next week,

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