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1 Art gallery and mu­seum in Florence hous­ing mas­ter­works in­clud­ing Bot­ti­celli’s Pri­mav­era, Leonardo da Vinci’s The An­nun­ci­a­tion, Raphael’s Madonna of the Goldfinch and Ti­tian’s Flora (6) 5 Re­gion form­ing part of the Pen­nines where Chatsworth House is lo­cated and Bakewell tarts are tra­di­tion­ally made; the UK’s first ever na­tional park (4,8) 13 Pro­tec­tive gar­ment worn around the waist of Beatrix Pot­ter’s hedge­hog char­ac­ter Mrs Tiggy-Win­kle (5) 14 Res­pi­ra­tory or­gans of fish and some am­phib­ians, which ex­tract dis­solved oxy­gen from wa­ter (5) 15 Va­ri­ety of feldspar, which dis­plays the op­ti­cal phe­nom­e­non adu­lares­cence; a gem form­ing part of René Lalique’s Dragon­fly Woman and the name of a di­a­mond in a novel by Wilkie Collins (9) 16 Col­lec­tive noun for a group of por­cu­pines; or, a sharp pro­jec­tion on the stem of some types of rose (7) 17 Small wave on a fluid sur­face; a va­ri­ety of ice cream con­tain­ing rasp­berry syrup; or, an un­wanted pe­ri­odic vari­a­tion of di­rect cur­rent volt­age of an elec­tri­cal power sup­ply (6) 18 De­picted in an opera by Han­del and in a paint­ing by Gus­tave Moreau, the mother, by Zeus, of Diony­sus (6) 20 The cap­i­tal of Zam­bia (6) 22 Sea­soned stock made with aro­mat­ics or mire­poix, lemon and bou­quet garni, mainly used to poach seafood and fish (5,8) 27 Gar­ment with tra­di­tional styles in­clud­ing Aran, Fair Isle and guernsey (6) 29 Child’s ex­pres­sion used to claim rights to use or en­joy some­thing be­fore any­one else; or, un­de­sir­able un­der-eye ar­eas ex­ac­er­bated by in­som­nia or ex­ces­sive drink­ing (4) 30 Author who wrote the once banned novel Lady Chat­ter­ley’s Lover, and short sto­ries in­clud­ing Eng­land, My Eng­land, Win­try Pea­cock and The Prim­rose Path (8) 34 Ital­ian com­poser whose opera La Forza del Destino car­ries the stigma of be­ing cursed by some per­form­ers (5) 35 Ger­man in­dus­tri­al­ist who saved 1,200 Jewish peo­ple from con­cen­tra­tion camps by em­ploy­ing them in his fac­to­ries (9) 36 The chain of an an­chor; a heavy rope used for moor­ing a ship; or, one-tenth of a nau­ti­cal mile (5) 37 One of Chile’s found­ing fa­thers (1’7) 38 Word re­peated twice as part of a catch­phrase by pup­pet fox Basil Brush (4) 39 Texan city on the Rio Grande across the border from Chi­huahua, Mex­ico (2,4) 42 Dis­puted ter­ri­tory be­tween Morocco and Mau­ri­ta­nia rich in phos­phate de­posits, cap­i­tal Laay­oune (7,6) 45 Dutch graphic artist whose no­table works in­clude Rel­a­tiv­ity, Waterfall and Hand with Re­flect­ing Sphere (6) 49 One of the sports par­tic­i­pated in by the

founder of the modern Olympics, Baron Pierre de Cou­bertin (6) 51 Sud­den brain at­tack with symp­toms iden­ti­fied with help of the FAST test (6) 53 Bright­est star in con­stel­la­tion Leo; or, the Latin name for the Basilisk (7) 56 French cake tra­di­tion­ally baked in a fluted or scal­lop-shaped mould (9) 57 A unit of boy or girl scouts; or, a group of ba­boons col­lec­tively (5) 58 Gen­eral word for a do­main or prov­ince ruled by a king or queen (5) 59 Motto of the Spe­cial Air Ser­vice (3,5,4) 60 City that is the cap­i­tal of one of the found­ing can­tons of Switzer­land (6)


2 Roar­ing _______; strong winds through which the Brouwer Route passes, used to ac­cel­er­ate yacht speed dur­ing round-the-world voy­ages/races (7) 3 Type of Turk­ish ce­ram­icware (5) 4 French neo­clas­si­cal artist who painted The Valpinçon Bather (6) 5 The cap­i­tal of Si­cily (7) 6 An­cient Greek fab­u­list and slave (5) 7 Cur­rent pre­sen­ter of Ques­tion Time (8) 8_ _ _ _ mo­tion; an­i­ma­tion tech­nique (4) 9 No­bel lau­re­ate, Prin­cipia Math­e­mat­ica author with Al­fred North White­head (7) 10 In­ven­tor of the elec­tri­cal tele­graph with Sir Charles Wheat­stone (5) 11 Whig states­man re­garded as the first prime min­is­ter of Great Bri­tain (7) 12 Author whose novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest was adapted into a multi Academy Award-win­ning film (5) 19 Nov­el­ist who wrote Trilby (2,7) 21 Author of Gunga Din and If– (7) 23 Kash­miri curry flavoured with chill­ies, toma­toes, pa­prika and yo­gurt (5,4) 24 Latin word mean­ing for all, used to de­scribe tele­vi­sion or ra­dio pro­grammes re­peated at the week­end (7) 25 __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ dilemma; sit­u­a­tion in game the­ory based on how two play­ers co­op­er­ate dur­ing ar­rest in or­der to ob­tain their most favourable out­come (9) 26 Former world No 1 ten­nis player who was the vic­tim of a se­ri­ous on-court knife at­tack in 1993 (5) 28 Coun­try with the cap­i­tal Kiev (7) 29 Author of Oroonoko: or, the Royal Slave; one of the first English women to earn a liv­ing as a pro­fes­sional writer (4) 31 Meth­ods of cook­ing found in books such as Larousse Gas­tronomique (7) 32 Greek name for the Mar­itsa (5) 33 Fruit with va­ri­eties in­clud­ing dam­son, green­gage, Mirabelle and Vic­to­ria (4) 40 Genus of woody plants likely to be wiped out in Eu­rope ac­cord­ing to new ev­i­dence, Latin name Frax­i­nus (3,5) 41 ‘Dr Liv­ing­stone, I_ _ _ _ _ _ _’; words ut­tered by Henry Mor­ton Stan­ley on the shore of Lake Tan­ganyika in 1871 (7) 43 Walt Dis­ney An­i­ma­tion Stu­dios film based on the tale of Ra­pun­zel (7) 44 An­telopes en­demic to South Africa (7) 46 One of the first peo­ple to reach the sum­mit of Mount Ever­est (7) 47 Can­di­date for nom­i­na­tion in the US pres­i­den­tial elec­tion with the slo­gan ‘Make Amer­ica Great Again’ (5) 48 Type of exam at Cam­bridge Uni (6) 50 Side­ways ex­tent of a pool as a mea­sure of the dis­tance swum, 25m for Olympic size (5) 52 El­dest son of Henry the Fowler and his sec­ond wife Matilda (4,1) 54 Strap pass­ing un­der the bar­rel of a horse to se­cure a sad­dle and num­nah (5) 55 The ____; first novel by Stephen Fry (4)

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