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Friends are strange peo­ple. Prob­a­bly not all of them, but cer­tainly this one that I know. In so many re­spects so un­re­mark­able, he has one quirk: he em­ploys a life coach. You could have writ­ten that sen­tence a cou­ple of years ago (or maybe last month – I have no idea what cir­cles you move in), and caused con­fu­sion. Life coach? What’s that? Is it like a bas­ket­ball coach? Or a bus with an oxy­gen tank in it?

When in doubt, google. So I did, and was told in no un­cer­tain terms (or in cer­tain terms, for those who like it less neg­a­tive) that a life coach is not some­one who is a con­sul­tant, men­tor, ad­viser, ther­a­pist or coun­sel­lor. They don’t even want to see you. One “30-to 90-minute phone call” per week is what one life coach of­fers.

An­other says, “We help you con­nect your head and your heart in a way that trans­forms your pas­sion for your dreams into ac­tion for your life.” So it is a bridge of sorts, a con­nec­tor of the head and all that it holds and the heart with all that it stands for.

This is look­ing bet­ter and bet­ter. So the life coach helps you make choices. Should you marry this one or that? Should you put all your money in the bank or un­der your mat­tress? Should you ask stupid ques­tions or carry on as if you know the an­swers? Life coach­ing, I was told, is for peo­ple in tran­si­tion and I as­sumed, nat­u­rally, that the tran­si­tion is the life coach go­ing from pen­ni­less to mil­lion­aire on your money. Ap­par­ently that is not the case. It is the one be­ing coached who is in tran­si­tion and needs all the ad­vice, men­tor­ing and coun­selling nec­es­sary – although life coaches hate those three words.

You can achieve your life’s dream on­line, I learnt, as many life coaches life-coach on­line.

I have given this some thought, and I re­alise I want to get into the life-coach­ing busi­ness – not as one ask­ing the ques­tions (there’s no money

LIFE COACH­ING, I was told, is for peo­ple in TRAN­SI­TION and I as­sumed, nat­u­rally, that the tran­si­tion is the LIFE COACH go­ing from PEN­NI­LESS to MIL­LION­AIRE on your money

in that), but as one pro­vid­ing the an­swers (that’s where the moolah is). Mak­ing choices is a tough thing – should you have black cof­fee, with or with­out sugar, with or with­out cream, with seeds from Brazil or Ethiopia? See, tough. The life coach ticks your life (or cof­fee) choices.

If you have to see a ther­a­pist, then you re­ally need a ther­a­pist. It is the same with life coaches. Do life coaches feel the need for a life coach? Per­haps they do, af­ter a while.

Should I end this col­umn here, or write a few more words? Wait, let me check with a life coach.

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