No-nos and must-haves for a gor­geous year ahead.

From squeez­ing pim­ples to pluck­ing grey hairs to peel­ing off your nail var­nish, a panel of UAE ex­perts tell Louise Emma Clarke which beauty no-nos we should stop in 2017

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It’s Jan­uary, which makes it the per­fect time to turn over a new leaf – so now is the time to stop those bad beauty habits that are ru­in­ing our skin, hair and nails, say the ex­perts. We’ve made it our mis­sion to find out ex­actly why.

1. Squeez­ing spots

‘A spot is a lit­tle bag un­der the skin that con­tains oil, bac­te­ria and in­flam­ma­tion,’ ex­plains Re­becca Tre­ston, founder of Re­becca Tre­ston Aes­thet­ics at Euromed Clinic Cen­ter, Dubai (04 394 5422). ‘Squeez­ing it can re­sult in the con­tents be­ing pushed into the sur­round­ing skin, mak­ing the prob­lem worse. It can also lead to in­fec­tion and tem­po­rary dark­en­ing of the skin in that area. And per­haps worst of all, the in­flam­ma­tion can be­come so bad that per­ma­nent scar­ring is left be­hind when the pim­ple fi­nally dis­ap­pears.’

Aly Rahim­toola of Her­bal Es­sen­tials ad­vises, ‘It’s best to let a pim­ple run through its life­span, which could be any­where from two to seven days. Acne creams can help treat the spot, too, as they typ­i­cally con­tain an­tibac­te­rial in­gre­di­ents, so that’s worth a try if you want it to clear up quickly.’ Shop­ping list: Shi­seido Pure­ness Blem­ish Tar­get­ing Gel (Dh129,

2. Pluck­ing grey hairs

‘Grey hairs are caused by a lack of pig­ment in the hair fol­li­cle,’ ex­plains Cather­ine Hawkes, artis­tic di­rec­tor of Mar­quee salon in Dubai. ‘Pluck­ing out the hairs is a re­ally bad idea, as you’re just go­ing to cause dam­age to the fol­li­cle and the hair will con­tinue to grow back grey.’

She con­tin­ues, ‘If you con­tin­u­ally pluck out grey hairs, it will cause more and more dam­age to the fol­li­cle and the hair will start to grow out with a frizzy and coarse tex­ture, be­com­ing even more no­tice­able. Even­tu­ally you will dam­age the fol­li­cle so badly it will die and leave a bald spot – and that’s def­i­nitely not a good look.’

So what does she sug­gest we do? ‘Deal­ing with grey hairs is just part of life and they can be eas­ily cov­ered these days with a semi-per­ma­nent hair colour,’ Cather­ine ex­plains. ‘Al­ter­na­tively, you can dis­guise greys with hair make-up, which you ap­ply with a small brush and will last un­til you next wash your hair.’ Shop­ping list: Color Wow Root Cover Up (Dh210, glama­

3. Sleep­ing with your make-up on

‘If you sleep with make-up on, you are ef­fec­tively slow­ing down the process of skin re­newal as skin cells do their re­pair work most ef­fec­tively at night,’ ex­plains Aly. She con­tin­ues, ‘Re­search shows that skin-cell re­gen­er­a­tion al­most dou­bles at night, peak­ing be­tween 11pm-4am. Pro­duc­tion of col­la­gen is boosted, harm­ful free rad­i­cals are de­stroyed and cell dam­age is rec­ti­fied. If you have a layer of make-up on dur­ing that time, then it’s much harder for the skin to re­ju­ve­nate and breathe – and your skin will not look as fresh or rested in the morn­ing.’

Re­becca adds, ‘The best night-time skin­care rou­tine is to dou­ble cleanse, which means cleans­ing the skin twice. First, use a gen­tle cleanser that is spe­cific for make-up re­moval. Once you have re­moved all your make-up, next use a cleanser that is spe­cific to your skin’s ac­tual needs.’ Shop­ping list: Clin­ique Take the Day Off Cleans­ing Milk (Dh170, coun­ters na­tion­wide).

4. Over-pluck­ing eye­brows

‘Over-pluck­ing is pos­si­bly the worst thing you can do to your brows,’ warns Chloe Walsh, a Dubai-based brow and semi-per­ma­nent make-up artist (chloe­wal­shc­ ‘Brows are all about sym­me­try for your face – and if they are shaped cor­rectly, they frame your face and make a huge dif­fer­ence to your over­all look.’

She con­tin­ues, ‘If you must tweeze, just take away a few ran­dom hair un­der­neath where you know it won’t af­fect the shape of the brow – and to en­sure you don’t end up with a huge gap in the mid­dle, line up a thin make-up brush ver­ti­cally with your in­ner tear duct to use as a guide. You shouldn’t pluck beyond this line.’ And when it comes to defin­ing brows? ‘Pick a brow pen­cil a

shade lighter than your eye­brows,’ ad­vises brow ex­pert Santi Garay of the brand Browhaus.

‘Brows that are too dark look harsh and fake. Use light strokes to shade in any patchy ar­eas, and trace the nat­u­ral shape of your brows. The point is to shadow, not draw in your brows.’ Shop­ping list: Nars Brow Per­fec­tor (Dh115, the UAE’s first Nars store opens in The Dubai Mall on Jan­uary 24).

5. Pick­ing off nail pol­ish

‘Pick­ing off nail pol­ish, es­pe­cially gel pol­ish, is one of the quick­est ways to de­stroy your nails,’ warns Sha­bana Karim, founder of The Nail Spa. ‘It ac­tu­ally takes part of your nail with it – and if you do it re­peat­edly, you will have re­ally weak and brit­tle nails.’

Tabas­sum Kas­sim of UK nail pol­ish brand Ci­até, ex­plains, ‘The part of the nail you lose if you pick at your nails is a pro­tec­tive layer that keeps the nail strong, so peel­ing this will weaken your nails. The best way to re­move nail pol­ish is with an ace­tone-free pol­ish re­mover and cot­ton wool.’

Na­dia Briggs, owner of The Cure Beauty Spas, adds, ‘If you do not want to carry cot­ton discs and liq­uid re­mover with you to avoid mess and spillage, you can use a nail-pol­ish re­mover jar in which you can have your nail var­nish re­moved in one dip.’ Shop­ping list: Sephora Ex­press Nail Pol­ish Re­mover (Dh49,

6. Skip­ping on SPF

‘The Skin Can­cer Foun­da­tion rec­om­mends that ev­ery­one – re­gard­less of skin colour – pro­tect their skin by wear­ing sun­screen,’ says Aly. ‘It helps pre­vent pre­ma­ture ageng and sun­burn – but it’s re­ally im­por­tant to re­mem­ber to reap­ply it reg­u­larly while you’re out in the sun, as per­spir­ing or swimming will wash it off and you will no longer be pro­tected.’

And it isn’t just for the health of the skin, but for cos­metic rea­sons, too. Re­becca ex­plains, ‘You will re­gret not hav­ing worn sun­screen when you look at your skin com­pared to friends who have worn daily sun­screen 20 years from now. Harm­ful UV rays not only ac­cel­er­ate the age­ing process, but they ac­count for 80 per cent of skin age­ing, which in­cludes the ap­pear­ance of fa­cial brown spots, skin dis­coloura­tion, as well as lines and wrin­kles.’

She adds, ‘Sun­screen should al­ways be the fi­nal step in your day­time skin­care rou­tine. Ap­ply at least half a tea­spoon of sun­screen to your face and neck and wait at least 15 min­utes be­fore go­ing out­side.’ Shop­ping list: Murad Oil-Free Sun­block (Dh165, the­beau­

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