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1 Floren­tine painter who worked for the Medici fam­ily through­out most of his life; his works in­clude Pri­mav­era and a de­pic­tion of a de­ity stand­ing in a scal­lop shell in The Birth of Venus (10) 6 Pen name of the au­thor who wrote the Jack Reacher se­ries of nov­els in­clud­ing Killing Floor, Trip­wire, One Shot, A Wanted Man and Night School (5) 9 Ev­er­green shrub and herb re­lated to hys­sop, laven­der, mint, rose­mary and thyme, Salvia of­fic­i­nalis (4) 14 Hors d’oeu­vre or ap­pe­tiser such as a por­tion of olives, mar­i­nated ar­ti­choke hearts, pro­sciutto, moz­zarella or roasted al­monds, tra­di­tion­ally served as the first course of an Ital­ian meal (9) 15 With a call said by some to sound like Frankie How­erd, the heav­i­est and fastest­fly­ing species of duck in the UK (5) 16 One-twen­ti­eth of a ream; a quan­tity of 24 or 25 sheets of pa­per (5) 17 Named af­ter a mytho­log­i­cal Greek hunter, the con­stel­la­tion con­tain­ing the stars Rigel and Betel­geuse (5) 18 Flow­ing through the Three Gorges and known in China as Cháng Jiāng, the long­est river in Asia and third-long­est in the world (7) 19 Iron-rich leaf veg­etable that can be juiced or served in dishes such as eggs Floren­tine, saag pa­neer, spanako­pita or smoked had­dock tart (7) 20 Banded form of chal­cedony that can be carved into cameos, cut and pol­ished into cabo­chons or used to make toy mar­bles (5) 22 Aus­trian cap­i­tal, birth city of Franz Schu­bert, home of Mozart, Beethoven and the Strauss fam­ily, site of the palace and gar­dens of Schön­brunn (6) 24 Nor­we­gian chess grand­mas­ter who re­tained the ti­tle of World Chess Cham­pion on his birth­day in Novem­ber this year (7) 27 Sit­com star­ring Dennis Water­man, Sam Kelly, Jenna Rus­sell and Joan Sims that of­ten fea­tured the catch­phrase ‘Just the one, Mrs Wem­b­ley’ (2,3,2) 29 Ger­man physi­cian, co-re­cip­i­ent of a No­bel Prize in 1908 in recog­ni­tion of his work on im­mu­nity (7) 30 Cir­cum­stance/con­di­tion tra­di­tion­ally sym­bol­ised by a four-leaf clover, horse­shoe, rab­bit’s foot or wish­bone (4) 33 Daugh­ter of Henry VIII and Anne Bo­leyn who be­came queen in 1558 aged 25 and reigned for 44 years (9,1) 35 Line on a map con­nect­ing points where the shocks of an earth­quake had equal seis­mic in­ten­sity (10) 38 Fi­bre tra­di­tion­ally used to make Guernsey, Fair Isle or Aran knitwear (4) 40 Ar­chi­tect said to have de­signed the Parthenon with Cal­l­i­crates and the sculp­tor Phidias (7) 42 ___ ____ and Sil­ver; novel by Laven­der and Old Lace au­thor Myr­tle Reed (3,4) 44 Coun­try with the cap­i­tal Kiev (7) 46 Ac­tor who starred in Some Like it Hot, The Odd Cou­ple, The Out-of-Town­ers and Glen­garry Glen Ross (6) 47 Clas­sic ballroom dance; or, a piece of

mu­sic for such a dance by Jo­hann Strauss II for ex­am­ple (5) 51 In cricket, a de­liv­ery char­ac­terised by be­ing slow and easy to hit (4,3) 53 Au­thor who wrote nov­els in­clud­ing Two’s Com­pany, Ru­mour Has It and The Un­pre­dictable Con­se­quences of Love (7) 54 Type of old Ital­ian sil­ver coin (5) 55 Tra­di­tional Inuit dwelling (5) 56 “If __ _ _ _ be the food of love, play on...” - the open­ing line in Twelfth Night (5) 57 Re­cep­ta­cle used for cool­ing bot­tles of wa­ter or soft drinks (3,6) 58 Cap­tain ____; char­ac­ter in JM Bar­rie’s play and novel Peter and Wendy (4) 59 Any of the pos­tures in hatha yoga (5) 60 With man­u­fac­tur­ers in­clud­ing Shi­mano and Cam­pag­nolo, the gearshift­ing mech­a­nism of a geared bike (10)


1 Fash­ion pho­tog­ra­pher who diver­si­fied into cos­tume de­sign and won two Os­cars for his work on the film My Fair Lady (6) 2 His­tor­i­cally, a group of 10 house­hold­ers, each with re­spon­si­bil­ity for the be­hav­iour of the rest (7) 3 One full point in judo or karate (5) 4 Trial de­signs of postage stamps (6) 5 Culi­nary word de­scrib­ing a dish of pota­toes cooked with onions (9) 7 Word link­ing with row to make a habi­tat form­ing part of the coun­try­side (5) 8 “Home of Cricket” in St John’s Wood (5) 10 The _______ of Far­thing Wood; book by Colin Dann that was adapted into an an­i­mated se­ries for chil­dren (7) 11 An an­i­mal pro­tected by Tusk Trust (8) 12 100th an­niver­sary of an event (9) 13 __ _ _ _ _ _ _ Nutkin; one of the char­ac­ters cre­ated by Beatrix Pot­ter (8) 21 Eighth let­ter of the Greek al­pha­bet (5) 23 Zo­di­a­cal sign sym­bol­ised by a ram (5) 24 In physics, the in­ter­molec­u­lar at­trac­tion that keeps par­ti­cles stuck to­gether (8) 25 Nov­el­ist who wrote The Last Septem­ber, The Death of the Heart, The Heat of the Day and Eva Trout (5) 26 Cook­ery book by Nigel Slater (8) 28 Tra­di­tional Ja­panese drum (5) 31 Nick­name of the Last of the Sum­mer Wine char­ac­ter played by Bill Owen (5) 32 Hints, ei­ther cryp­tic, quick or gen­eral knowl­edge, form­ing in­te­gral parts of the puz­zles solved by cru­civer­bal­ists (5) 34 Any one of the 12 red fig­ures or pieces used in the game Mo­nop­oly (5) 36 Coun­try with 22 of­fi­cial lan­guages (5) 37 Study and de­vel­op­ment of sys­tems used to im­prove and aid the mem­ory (9) 39 Vic­to­rian neo­clas­si­cal artist whose paint­ings in­clude Cimabue’s

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