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We found her on the streets, aban­doned when she was just a baby. Now she’s healthy and part of our fam­ily. Meet Char­lie.

Thas­neem Rasheed

I have been a dog per­son my en­tire life, as I had them while grow­ing up. When both my loves passed away, the grief and pain was un­bear­able.

I al­ways was drawn to­wards dogs and kept a fair dis­tance from those other four-legged crea­tures called cats. The first time I came across them was trau­matic, as not only was I scratched by them, I was also in­tro­duced to the world of in­jec­tions. So they elicited a fear re­sponse in ad­di­tion to the nor­mal su­per­sti­tion of cross­ing one’s path.

Then one fine day in 2016 I met this hand­some fel­low whom we named Whisky. He’s a Per­sian mix. He came in our lives as my hus­band wanted (read: de­manded) that we get a cat. I was ap­pre­hen­sive – I didn’t know if I had it in me to know how to take care of one. The re­searcher in me geared up and I went full Google and down­loaded ev­ery­thing I could in my pea-sized brain about fe­lis catus.

Boy, was I in for a sur­prise! What­ever lit­tle bit of snooti­ness that I had ac­quired in my life was left by the wayside the mo­ment he made our home his king­dom. We are all mere play­ers in his stage and pawns on his chess­board. He has taught me love, pa­tience, warmth, abun­dance and very im­por­tantly, un­con­di­tional love. My Whisky, my life.


I have gold­fish as pets in Dubai. Watch­ing the fish swim peace­fully through the wa­ter and the bub­bles float­ing to the sur­face is re­lax­ing. I can sit and watch our fish dance around in the aquar­ium for hours. I also have two birds – we have named them Poochie & Tookie.

Farah Khan

This bird is a reg­u­lar vis­i­tor to my kitchen gar­den. I feed him every day and he is not at all scared of me. He al­ways al­lows me to take his pic­ture. Now he has be­come my pet.

Rose Mary

Neon is my lit­tle yel­low ball of feath­ers. He was res­cued from the mid­dle of the road on a hot sum­mer day four years ago, with a badly in­jured leg. We could not save the leg but the spirit of the bird taught us some real life lessons: Not com­plain­ing, and shar­ing and ad­just­ing. We bought an­other ca­nary, Nina, as a com­pan­ion for Neon. (Nina re­cently died.) Neon sings beau­ti­fully while sit­ting on the bal­cony rail. From both these tiny crea­tures we learnt love and car­ing. He is a free bird who flies all around the house.

Aye­sha Nawaz

I have a pet ham­ster – her name is Snowy (she re­minds me of a snow­ball, hence the name) and she is nine months old.

I feel that meet­ing Snowy was my des­tiny. My par­ents moved to the UAE when I was very young and, grow­ing up, I wanted to have a cat as my pet. The lim­i­ta­tions of an apart­ment made my mum strongly op­pose my idea and I dropped it.

One day last June, I hap­pened to be in Bar­sha wait­ing for a friend. While I was wait­ing, I turned to look at the row of shops in the same street. One of them was a pet shop. The idea of buy­ing a pet in­stantly came back to me. I started walk­ing around and looked at fish, tur­tles, birds, dogs and cats. I was about to leave, think­ing it wasn’t a good idea, when I no­ticed an­other sec­tion in the pet shop that I hadn’t looked at. The sales­man gently nudged me to have a look in­side. As I walked into the room, I saw rab­bits, guinea pigs and ham­sters, and the cutest an­i­mal I have ever seen, a white dwarf ham­ster. As I bent to look closer, to my sur­prise, she walked to­wards me, look­ing at me, and placed her tiny hands on the win­dow. She wouldn’t move and kept lean­ing on the win­dow and look­ing at me in a way that al­most seemed to me as if she was ask­ing me to take her home. I in­stantly con­nected and my heart just melted.

She has made a huge dif­fer­ence in our lives. The sim­ple joy of tak­ing her in our hands every day is price­less.

Her tac­tics keep us laugh­ing all day and she is a de­light to watch. She has been a bless­ing and re­minds me to be pos­i­tive even in the most dif­fi­cult times.

Su­chitha N

I own a ham­ster named Muf­fin. The first day we got it, it was so scared, so in­stead of re­mov­ing it from the cage, I gently pat­ted it from the out­side. Then we let it ad­just to its sur­round­ings. Soon after, it turned naughty. When my friend came over to stay the night we played with it, then we put it in its cage. My friend went to check on it and saw it had dis­ap­peared. Luck­ily around at 3am, I found Muf­fin and haven’t lost her since. Muf­fin hates be­ing wo­ken up sud­denly, or some­one blow­ing air on her face. She likes sleep­ing on some­one. I love my ham­ster a lot!

Aa­ditya Shivadey

Both my wife and I love to re­lax, watch­ing our planted aquar­ium. We make sure our aquatic friends are al­ways com­fort­able and well cared for. The pic­ture shows a group of neon tetras. We also have a pet shrimp that likes to rest on our aquatic plants.

Dr Chai­tanya Varma

Some 17 years ago, I left my home to come to Dubai and moved into ac­com­mo­da­tion in Bur Dubai. On my first day, to my amaze­ment, I found a dog on the bal­cony, and learnt his name was Lucky. He was my first friend in this strange land. From a thin unloved dog, he be­came the most im­por­tant part of my life. He fol­lowed me ev­ery­where. He used to wait out­side the door of my room in the morn­ing.

So two lonely souls found each other. As time passed, we had to move to an­other house, and it was one of the most dif­fi­cult de­ci­sions. I re­mem­ber his soul­ful eyes, say­ing ‘you need to take me’, but I couldn’t, and a month later he died in an ac­ci­dent. For a long time I felt re­spon­si­ble.

Time passed and we be­came com­fort­able enough to own a dog. When my nine-year-old daugh­ter pointed to a dog and said ‘we can call him Lucky’, it was weird – she didn’t know any­thing of the past. I felt maybe I got a chance to bring Lucky home, some 17 years later. If you re­ally want to find love, get a pet. Re­mem­ber­ing my first furry friend, Lucky.

Pooja Moulik

I couldn’t re­sist email­ing about our pets, Ronin and Al­maya. Ronin is a res­cue dog from Qatar An­i­mal Wel­fare So­ci­ety (QAWS) and we adopted him in spring 2012. When I saw on QAWS’ Face­book page that he was up for an adop­tion, I didn’t hes­i­tate and told my hus­band that we should check how he be­haves with kids, as our son was just six months old. In Oc­to­ber, walk­ing him at Sports City in Dubai, I found two tiny kit­tens un­der the bridge. We used to name animals by the place where we found them, so Al­maya is girl and she got her name from the shop near the bridge. Rugby is a boy and got his name from the rugby play­ground in Sports City. We man­aged to find a for­ever home for Rugby, while Al­maya has stayed with us. Now on cool days, Ronin and Al­maya en­joy cud­dling to­gether – al­though that was not the case to start with!

Kata­rina Blaskova

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