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1 Author of the French tril­ogy con­sist­ing of The Girl at the Lion d’Or, Bird­song and Char­lotte Gray who also penned Jeeves and the Wed­ding Bells and the James Bond con­tin­u­a­tion novel Devil May Care (6) 4 French name for lamb’s let­tuce, a but­tery­tast­ing salad leaf served in warm sal­ads with roasted car­rots, parsnips, but­ter­nut squash, etc (5) 7 Flem­ish artist nick­named Vel­vet, noted for flo­ral com­po­si­tions such as Flow­ers in a Wooden Ves­sel and Still Life with Tulips, Chrysan­the­mums, Nar­cissi, Roses, Irises and other Flow­ers in a Glass Vase (8) 14 Re­sem­bling an un­fruited tea­cake or a cross be­tween bread, cake and brioche, the orig­i­nal Bath ‘bun’ (5,4) 15 City in which In­dia’s cap­i­tal and the Lo­tus Tem­ple are lo­cated (5) 16 First name of a ‘zero to hero’ boxer char­ac­ter played by Sylvester Stal­lone (5) 17 Mytho­log­i­cal Greek muse of lyric and love po­etry, de­picted on a sar­coph­a­gus ex­hib­ited in the Lou­vre and a paint­ing by Si­mon Vouet (5) 18 Nov­el­ist re­mem­bered for chil­dren’s clas­sics in­clud­ing Lit­tle Lord Fauntleroy, A Lit­tle Princess, The Se­cret Gar­den and The Lost Prince (7) 19 Known as ‘the El­der’, Athel­stan’s suc­ces­sor as King of Eng­land who was mur­dered by an ex­iled rob­ber dur­ing a brawl and buried at Glas­ton­bury Abbey (6,1) 20 Word link­ing with ‘Turf’ to form the trade­name of a type of ar­ti­fi­cial grass used for fields and pitches for sport (5) 21 Word link­ing with ‘petit’ for the name of a French bis­cuit or ‘blanc’ for a va­ri­ety of emul­si­fied sauce for seafood (6) 23 Born in Ec­cle­fechan in 1795, the his­to­rian, philoso­pher and satirist whose ma­jor works in­clude Sar­tor Re­sar­tus and The French Rev­o­lu­tion: A His­tory (7) 26 Vir­gin Group founder who launched his ca­reer in 1968 with Stu­dent mag­a­zine (7) 28 Meadow flower in the prim­rose fam­ily once tra­di­tion­ally picked for May Day but less so now due to its de­cline (7) 29 __ _ _ net­ting; method of salmon fish­ing handed down by the Vik­ings, prac­tised on the Sol­way Firth, Lune and Rib­ble (4) 32 Known as the ‘Town of Flow­ers’, the county town of Shrop­shire, where Charles Dar­win was born in 1809 (10) 34 Bun­dle of nerve fi­bres trans­mit­ting neu­ral sig­nals be­tween the brain and the pe­riph­eral ner­vous sys­tem (6,4) 36 Mr and Mrs ____; Roald Dahl’s hus­band and wife char­ac­ters who play a se­ries of re­volt­ing tricks on each other (4) 37 Rep­re­sen­ta­tion of a word in short­hand; a pré­cis; or, part of a draw­ing (7) 38 Vic­to­rian known for his car­toons in Punch and il­lus­tra­tions in Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Ad­ven­tures in Won­der­land and Through the Look­ing Glass (7) 41 Jew­eller who made the Im­pe­rial Easter eggs for Alexan­der III and his fam­ily (7) 43 One of the strik­ers in the cur­rent Manch­ester United FC squad (6)

45 Rail­way town in Cheshire, once home of Rolls-Royce and Bent­ley mar­ques (5) 49 BBC Ra­dio 4 Just a Minute host who re­ceived a spe­cial 50th-an­niver­sary mes­sage from the Prince of Wales on Christ­mas Day in 2016 (7) 51 John von _______; In­ven­tor of game the­ory and the Ma­niac com­puter who was in­volved in the nu­clear doc­trine Mad (7) 52 Hit sin­gle by Adele on her al­bum 25 (5) 53 Cylin­dri­cal mil­i­tary cap with a plume adopted for the Bri­tish in­fantry af­ter the Napoleonic Wars (5) 54 __ _ _ _ma­rine; pig­ment orig­i­nally made from pow­dered lapis lazuli (5) 55 Night-blooming Mex­i­can plants with flow­ers used to scent per­fumes such as Fra­cas or Dip­tyque’s Do Son (9) 56 Myth­i­cal city of gold (2,6) 57 Ab­bre­vi­ated name of the Bri­tish char­ity that op­er­ates the ser­vice Child­line (1,1,1,1,1) 58 Chick or young of a pen and cob (6)


1 Dr __ _ _ _ _; drama star­ring Su­ranne Jones (6) 2 Data trans­fers via band­width (7) 3 Parts of some of the mu­si­cal in­stru­ments in the chor­do­phone fam­ily (9) 5 English site of the an­nual Grand Na­tional (7) 6 But­ter­fly feed­ing on bram­bles and wild mar­jo­ram, also called a gate­keeper (5,5) 8 River ris­ing in the Swiss Alps and then through six coun­tries to the North Sea (5) 9 Chival­ric ti­tle held by Ed­ward Fitza­lanHoward, 18th Duke of Nor­folk (4,7) 10 Cre­ator of A Big­ger Splash (7) 11 Hy­po­thet­i­cal align­ments join­ing ar­eas in­clud­ing Stone­henge, Ave­bury and Sil­bury, said to have spir­i­tual pow­ers (3,5) 12 Game played at Twick­ers (5) 13 De­scrip­tion of a car, race bike tyre, etc with lit­tle or no pres­sure/PSI (4) 22 As­tro­nom­i­cal event with the phases um­bra, penum­bra or an­tum­bra (7) 23 Sweet and sour Si­cil­ian vegetable dish of aubergines, toma­toes, raisins, capers, flatleaf pars­ley, pine nuts, etc (8) 24 De­scrip­tion of a body mass cat­e­gorised as 30 or above on the BMI scale (5) 25 1980s BBC tele­vi­sion drama se­ries with Rob Hey­land as a zoo vet (3,2,3) 27 Pro­jec­tile stored in a quiver (5) 28 Mu­seum or gallery man­ager (7) 30 Creamy sauce flavoured with gar­lic, also known as but­ter of Provençe (5) 31 Cap­i­tal of Zam­bia’s Cop­per­belt (5) 33 Artist’s pig­ment or paint with tra­di­tional hues in­clud­ing Payne’s grey, Wind­sor blue, pot­ter’s pink, burnt um­ber and raw si­enna (11) 35 Op­ti­cal de­vice that is used by bird­ers, or­nithol­o­gists and twitch­ers (10) 39 De­scrip­tion of a wind blow­ing to­wards the south, such as the one per­son­i­fied by Greek god Boreas (9) 40 De­scrip­tion of back-coun­try ski trails away from pa­trolled ar­eas (3-5) 42 South African sur­geon who in 1967 per­formed the world’s first suc­cess­ful hu­man-to-hu­man heart trans­plant (7) 44 Fi­bre used to make Ly­cra, waist­bands, smock­ing, hair scrunchies, etc (7) 46 Phi­lan­thropist and for­mer GUS chair­man whose name was used for col­leges at Ox­ford and Cam­bridge (7) 47 De­but novel by Ju­lian Fel­lowes (5) 48 Gar­ment that was used to achieve the S-bend or wasp waist sil­hou­ette (6) 50 Sol­diers or sports play­ers col­lec­tively (5) 51 Ba­sic com­po­nent of a fra­grance (top, mid­dle or base), or of a flavour (4)

So­lu­tions will be given next week. The last date for en­tries is Fe­bru­ary 28. The win­ner of this cross­word will be an­nounced on March 10. The win­ner of the Fe­bru­ary 10 cross­word is Ba­neeta Mal­ho­tra, Dubai.

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