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Women’s Day means a day of re­ceiv­ing and read­ing count­less mes­sages and posts on be­ing a wo­man. It means cor­po­rates com­ing out with cheesy videos cel­e­brat­ing women. It means a few cyn­i­cal men/ women ask­ing, ‘Why do we need only one day for women?’ Or ‘Why only women?’ It means news chan­nels com­ing out with grave sto­ries about the plight of women. It means fake sales-pro­mo­tion drives around women. In spite of all this, it means that there are many, many peo­ple who know that the world is not a level play­ing field for all women, and who in their own man­ner want to change it. I love them all and I sup­port them all, whole­heart­edly. Snigdha Khatawkar I feel a sin­gle day is not enough to bol­ster the sta­tus of women and ap­plaud their achieve­ments. Yet by cel­e­brat­ing Women’s Day we get an op­por­tu­nity to cre­ate more aware­ness about women’s is­sues and pro­vide plat­forms for dis­cus­sions and de­bate. Women rep­re­sent that in­dis­pens­able half of the whole of hu­man ex­is­tence whose sta­tus and sig­nif­i­cance is I have a diploma in women’s stud­ies; be­fore my mar­riage I was do­ing re­search on fem­i­nism, which I left, choos­ing to be­come a full-time house­wife and mother of two boys. For me each day is Women’s Day be­cause I feel I am the biggest strength of my fam­ily and the whole com­mu­nity. I do not need any spe­cific day to cel­e­brate my iden­tity. Aisha Am­jad al­ways de­fined in com­par­i­son with that of the other half. De­spite be­ing equally im­por­tant in the equa­tion of life, women of all ages and cul­tures have had to deal with dis­crim­i­na­tion, marginal­i­sa­tion and ne­glect.

Yes, to­day’s wo­man is more aware of her rights, she is stronger, more em­pow­ered, and is achiev­ing greater heights. Yet she is still climb­ing the lad­der, tum­bling many times and tripped on pur­pose a thou­sand times over. So I feel it is im­por­tant to cel­e­brate Women’s Day.

I cre­ated this paint­ing about one of the is­sues that women cancer war­riors have to deal with. Women have been re­ferred to as the ‘fairer sex’ and their fem­i­nin­ity is encaged within the pa­ram­e­ters of how small her waist is, how fair her skin is, or how beau­ti­ful her hair is. We often for­get the true essence of beauty. I cel­e­brate Women’s Day with this paint­ing where a brave, beau­ti­ful and bold wo­man takes her life’s scar and turns it into beau­ti­ful tat­toos, un­af­fected by so­ci­etal per­cep­tions and prej­u­dices. Mi­nakhee Mishra Ev­ery day is Women’s Day. Women de­serve more. To­day women are un­der-es­teemed. Men think that this day is like Valen­tine’s Day. It is the day when women are recog­nised for their achieve­ments with­out re­gard to di­vi­sions, whether na­tional, eth­nic, lin­guis­tic, cul­tural, eco­nomic or po­lit­i­cal. Anitha Elsy Thomas Women’s Day is a cel­e­bra­tion of a person who mirac­u­lously car­ried an­other in­di­vid­ual for nine months, en­dured the pain of giv­ing birth, en­joys the hard time of rais­ing this in­di­vid­ual and even to give her life to them... that for me is a cel­e­bra­tion meant for a hero. Pen Si­aps Women’s Day sym­bol­ises the recog­ni­tion and cel­e­bra­tion of in­vic­tus – un­de­feated – be­cause a wo­man is a di­vine sym­bol of courage, con­vic­tion and un­re­lent­ing spirit with a blend of tra­di­tion and growth. Raina Sood

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