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Prep time 15 mins Cook­ing time 40 mins Serves 10-12 FOR THE CHOUX PAS­TRY 300ml wa­ter 100g but­ter 150g plain flour 4 eggs FOR THE FILL­ING 4 egg yolks 100g caster su­gar 25g plain flour, sifted Seeds of 1 vanilla pod ½ tsp earl Grey tea leaves 350ml milk Dark choco­late, for dip­ping Pre­heat the oven to 200°C and lightly grease a bak­ing tray. To make the pas­try, gen­tly heat the wa­ter and but­ter in a saucepan, stir­ring while the but­ter melts. Bring the mix­ture to a rolling boil and im­me­di­ately add the flour all at once. Us­ing a wooden spoon, beat the mix­ture un­til it is well com­bined and comes away from the sides of the saucepan. Cook for about two min­utes and set aside to cool. When the mix­ture is cool enough to han­dle, grad­u­ally add three eggs, one at a time, beat­ing well be­tween each ad­di­tion. It should be smooth, glossy and a drop­ping con­sis­tency. Spoon the mix­ture into a large pip­ing bag fit­ted with a 1.5cm di­am­e­ter round noz­zle and pipe rounds of the mix­ture on to the pre­pared bak­ing tray, leav­ing about 3cm be­tween each one. Flat­ten any points with a moist­ened fin­ger­tip. Brush each prof­ite­role with the re­main­ing egg and bake for 25 min­utes, or un­til the prof­iteroles are puffed and golden. Re­move the prof­iteroles from the oven, switch­ing off the oven and, us­ing a small, sharp knife, pierce the base or side of each one to al­low any steam to es­cape. Re­turn them to the oven for about 15 min­utes to dry out. Trans­fer to a wire cooling rack un­til ready to fill. Mean­while, pre­pare the fill­ing. Whisk egg yolks and su­gar in a bowl un­til pale and thick. Add flour and stir through. Place vanilla seeds and tea in a saucepan with the milk, and bring it to the boil. Re­move it from the heat im­me­di­ately and strain the mix­ture. Tem­per the egg mix­ture with a lit­tle of the hot milk, then grad­u­ally pour in the milk, whisk­ing con­stantly. Cook the mix­ture over a gen­tle heat, whisk­ing un­til it be­gins to boil and thicken. Cook for about two min­utes, or un­til it a very thick con­sis­tency. Cover the crème pâtis­sière with cling­film, al­low­ing the plas­tic to touch the sur­face of the cus­tard to pre­vent a skin form­ing. Re­frig­er­ate un­til ready to use. Spoon into a pip­ing bag, and fill each prof­ite­role with the cus­tard. Melt choco­late over a dou­ble boiler and dip the top of each prof­ite­role to coat. Place on a wire cooling rack to set.

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