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Crossword and sudoku brain-teasers.


1 Ma­jor artist of the Pre-Raphaelite Brother­hood who painted Ophe­lia, Lit­tle Speed­well’s Dar­ling Blue, Ap­ple Blos­soms (or Spring) and Bub­bles (7) 5 Nov­el­ist from Dorset who penned Un­der the Greenwood Tree, Far from the Madding Crowd, The Wood­lan­ders and Tess of the d’Ur­bervilles (5) 8 Mix­ture of rolled oats, nuts, pump­kin seeds, dried apri­cots, sour cher­ries, etc that can be served with fruit com­pote and plain yo­gurt (7) 12 The 45th pres­i­dent of the US (5) 13 In­for­mal des­ig­na­tion for a male painter of great skill be­tween the Re­nais­sance and 1800, such as Dürer, Goya, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael or Rem­brandt (3,6) 14 Hooks at­tached to poles for land­ing large fish; al­ter­na­tively, spars to which the heads of fore-and-aft sails are fas­tened (5) 15 Also known by its botan­i­cal name Myoso­tis, a spring flower with tiny chin­ablue petals, used to sym­bol­ise hope, true love or re­mem­brance (6-2-3) 16 Term used to de­scribe a pack of hounds/ bea­gles ‘speak­ing’ in flight in pur­suit of quarry (2,4,3) 17 Type of bag used by hik­ers, stu­dents, en­durance ath­letes, yompers, coun­try­side pic­nick­ers, etc (8) 19 State or con­di­tion orig­i­nally de­scribed by Émile Durkheim, char­ac­terised by hope­less­ness in so­ci­ety as a re­sult of lack of struc­ture or an ab­sence of norms (6) 20 Type of pro­jec­tile that killed Wil­liam II (Ru­fus) when he was out hunting in the New For­est in Au­gust 1100 (5) 23 Mixed _____; blend of ground cin­na­mon, cloves, nut­meg, etc, used to flavour gin­ger­bread, baked ap­ples, barm­brack and some fruit crum­bles (5) 25 The name of Cap­tain Nemo’s sub­ma­rine in Jules Verne’s ad­ven­ture nov­els Twenty Thou­sand Leagues Un­der the Sea and The Mys­te­ri­ous Is­land (8) 27 Set of clothes tra­di­tion­ally worn for cricket in­clud­ing a ca­ble-knit jumper and flan­nels (6) 30 Arm of the At­lantic where Sir Ernest Shack­le­ton and his ship En­durance were grounded by ice dur­ing his Im­pe­rial Trans-Antarc­tic Ex­pe­di­tion (7,3) 32 Hu­man-like fig­ures of­ten made of straw, feared by formi­do­pho­bics (10) 34 Item tra­di­tion­ally paired with a saucer for drink­ing a bev­er­age that in­cludes va­ri­eties such as Earl Grey, sou­chong, Dar­jeel­ing, ti­sanes, masala chai (6) 35 An­other name for a plant sci­en­tist (8) 36 Ancient Greek word used as a nu­mer­i­cal pre­fix de­not­ing seven (5) 38 Po­lit­i­cal philoso­pher who wrote A The­ory of Jus­tice and coined the phrase ‘veil of ig­no­rance’ (5) 40 River in the Nether­lands, along which Hansa towns in­clud­ing Has­selt, Kam­pen and Zwolle are sit­u­ated (6) 42 Known in Inuit as Kalaal­lit Nu­naat, the Dan­ish name for the world’s largest is­land (that isn’t a con­ti­nent) (8)

45 Bird known col­lec­tively as a charm, de­picted in a paint­ing by Carel Fabri­tius (9) 47 Cheese tra­di­tion­ally made in Hawes in York­shire, a favourite food of Nick Park’s char­ac­ter Wal­lace (11) 50 Pe­riod of rule, such as the Queen’s record-breaking 65-year-long one (5) 51 Fruit re­sem­bling an or­ange tomato com­bined with in­gre­di­ents such as wa­ter­cress, hazel­nuts, shell­fish, feta, mint or white choco­late (9) 52 Word used to de­scribe an ath­lete com­pet­ing at a high level but not pro (5) 53 Pre­sen­ter who formed part of the for­mer Top Gear troupe (7) 54 Cre­ator of Wait­ing for Lefty (5) 55 Artist and friend of Edgar De­gas who cre­ated The Boat­ing Party (7)


1 De­sign el­e­ment re­peated to form a larger pat­tern on a tex­tile or wall­pa­per (5) 2 Henri de Toulouse _______; artist noted for his de­pic­tions of the Moulin Rouge (7) 3 In­for­mal na me for Tas­ma­nia (5,4) 4 Word de­scrib­ing the in­ten­sity of the wind and weather con­di­tions when cat­e­gorised as 10 on the Beau­fort scale (5) 5 A Fig­ure in ______; one of the books in the Hardy Boys mys­tery se­ries (6) 6 Rac­quet sport some­times re­ferred to as ‘the sport of kings’ (4,6) 7 Rare-earth el­e­ment atomic num­ber 39, named af­ter a Swedish vil­lage (7) 8 Tallest liv­ing land an­i­mals, such as the Roth­schild’s species (8) 9 For­mer gold coin bear­ing the de­pic­tion of a dragon be­ing slain (5) 10 __ _ _ _ _ _ of arms; a pur­suiv­ant (7) 11 Word mean­ing to an­a­lyse a metal (5) 17 Fra­grant at­tar-like sub­stance used to tone the skin nat­u­rally (4,5) 18 Item such as a tea light (6) 20 Latin phrase mean­ing ‘for this’ (2,3) 21 Item of fur­ni­ture for sup­port­ing a sink or, his­tor­i­cally, a bowl and jug (9) 22 Din­ner jacket, a word less com­monly used in Bri­tain (6) 24 Vil­lage in the south­ern part of Es­to­nia, in the Võru County mu­nic­i­pal­ity (5) 26 Word used to de­scribe the ac­tion of a cy­clist when re­leas­ing a cleat from a pedal dur­ing a pause or dis­mount (6) 28 Unit of three of more Scout pa­trols, sim­i­lar to a com­pany of Guides (5) 29 The ‘Cup’ con­stel­la­tion, said to rep­re­sent the gob­let of Apollo (6) 31 Ancient Ro­man horse­man or knight (5) 33 Flower Nar­cis­sus pa­pyraceus, of­ten planted in­doors with stems of catkins/ pussy wil­low, pine cones and so on (10) 36 In­sects stud­ied in melit­tol­ogy (9) 37 Sci­en­tific name for a seal or wal­rus (8) 39 __ _ _ _ _ _ Tell; Swiss folk hero said to have shot an ap­ple from the top of his son’s head with a cross­bow (7) 41 Ital­ian word for jest used in mu­sic (7) 43 Cof­fee grown at higher al­ti­tudes than ro­busta, which is said to add flavour (7) 44 __ _ _ _ _ of Zürich; Swiss bankers (6) 45 The _____; moun­tain on the out­skirts of Cardiff said to have been the in­spi­ra­tion for The English­man Who Went up a Hill But Came Down a Moun­tain (5) 46 Type of mud from ther­mal springs in Italy, used in spa treat­ments (5) 48 Short name for a type of par­ti­cle ac­cel­er­a­tor used in ra­di­a­tion ther­apy (5) 49 __ _ _ _ hori­zon; sur­face around a black hole where the grav­i­ta­tional pull is so great that no light can es­cape (5)

So­lu­tions will be given next week. The last date for en­tries March 21. The win­ner of this crossword will be an­nounced on March 31. The win­ner of the March 3 crossword is Monu John Philip, UAE.

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