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Prep time 50 min­utes to 1 hour Cook­ing time 1¼ to 1¾ hours

FOR THE CAKE: 700g plain flour, sifted 4 tsp bak­ing pow­der 500g unsalted but­ter, soft­ened and diced 500g caster sugar 8 medium eggs 3 tbsp lemon juice Zest of 3 or­anges FOR THE BUTTERCREAM: 400g unsalted but­ter, soft­ened 800g ic­ing sugar, sifted Zest of 2 or­anges 4 tbsp whole milk FOR THE FON­DANT DRIZ­ZLE: 150g white fon­dant, grated 25ml wa­ter Pur­ple food colour­ing, as re­quired FOR THE OR­ANGE DRIZ­ZLE: Juice of 3 or­anges (you need 200– 300ml) 150g caster sugar FOR DEC­O­RA­TION: White sugar paste roses, vary­ing sizes, or real roses Ed­i­ble glue or glu­cose syrup Ed­i­ble sil­ver glit­ter ‘I didn’t ever think I was go­ing to say th­ese words all in one sen­tence: “I made the Queen’s 90th birth­day cake!” says Nadiya. ‘After de­lib­er­at­ing for days, I de­cided to opt for a clas­sic driz­zle cake, but flavoured with or­anges rather than lemons. Here is a smaller, sim­pler ver­sion for you to try at home.’ For the cake, line and grease 2 x 20cm spring­form tins. Pre­heat the oven to 180°C/fan 160°C. Add all the in­gre­di­ents to a bowl one by one. Then, us­ing a hand­held or stand mixer, mix ev­ery­thing to­gether for 3 min­utes or un­til you have a smooth bat­ter. Di­vide the mix­ture be­tween two tins and level off the tops. Bake for 1½ hours to 1¾ hours, but check after 1¼ hours as cook­ing time de­pends on your oven. While the cakes are cook­ing, make the buttercream and or­ange driz­zle. To make the buttercream, add but­ter to a mix­ing bowl and mix on high for 2 min­utes. Add ic­ing sugar, a lit­tle at a time, and mix on a medium speed. Add or­ange zest and milk and mix on a high speed for 3 min­utes un­til you have a light and fluffy buttercream. To make the or­ange driz­zle, add or­ange juice and sugar to a jug and mix well. The sugar will not dis­solve com­pletely. When the cakes are golden brown, with a slight peak at the top, and a skewer in­serted comes out clean, they are ready. Re­move from the oven and leave to cool for 10 min­utes in the tin. Turn out and leave to cool com­pletely on a wire rack. Cut the domed tops off both sponges and level them off. Care­fully slice both cakes across into two, giv­ing you four sponges. Spoon the or­ange driz­zle equally over the 4 sponges. Lay the four sponges out, mak­ing sure that one of the two with crusts faces down and one faces up. Then gen­er­ously cover the top and side of each with the buttercream. Put the crust-side-down slice on a cake base or plate, then care­fully place the other lay­ers on top, fin­ish­ing with the crust-side-up slice. Place the whole cake in the fridge for about 15-20 min­utes un­til the buttercream has crusted over. For the fon­dant driz­zle, add the fon­dant and wa­ter to a pan and heat on low to medium, stir­ring con­tin­u­ously, un­til it has melted and be­come liq­uid. Add the food colour­ing a lit­tle at a time un­til you have a vi­brant pur­ple colour. Trans­fer into a bowl and leave to cool com­pletely. Add a drop or two of cold wa­ter to loosen if needed. Pour the cold fon­dant over the top of the cake, driz­zling it gen­tly down the sides. Fin­ish off by brush­ing the tips of the sugar roses with ed­i­ble glue and dip­ping them in glit­ter. Ar­range them in a cres­cent shape around one edge of the top of the cake. Or sim­ply dec­o­rate it us­ing real white roses.

Sponges can be frozen be­fore dec­o­rat­ing and driz­zling.


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