Friday - - Editor’s Letter -

I spent my last week­end in a food coma – Vishu, the South In­dian festival, fell on a Fri­day this year, which meant I was home for sadya, the tra­di­tional lunch served on a ba­nana leaf. Eleven dishes later I had a full stom­ach, and the cus­tom of re­ceiv­ing cash gifts from the elders in the fam­ily meant my wal­let was full too. Next week­end will be all about spend­ing. Shreeja Ravin­dranathan, lifestyle writer

I hate good­byes but there are times when you don’t have a choice. This week is one of those times as a friend of 19 years leaves Dubai for good. All I’m left with right now is that sense of vac­uum, loss and heartache. Mri­nal Shekar, deputy edi­tor

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