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1 Artist and ad­ven­turer al­leged to have en­gaged in can­ni­bal­ism when he was ship­wrecked in the In­dian Ocean; his works in­clude Charles Town­ley in the Park St Gallery and Tri­buna of the Uf­fizi (7) 5 Said to sing in the UK from St Tibur­tius’ Day (April 14) to St John’s Day (June 24), a bird whose ar­rival/song in April is a tra­di­tional sig­nal that spring has ar­rived (6) 8 With aro­matic peel used to make twists or spi­rals for gar­nish­ing drinks, cit­rus fruits such as the Sfusato va­ri­ety grow­ing on the Amalfi Coast (6) 13 With ca­pac­i­ties mea­sured in litres, bags used for out­door pur­suits, hill walk­ing, moun­taineer­ing, camp­ing, etc (9) 14 Com­mon _____; scram­bling pur­plish wild­flower and for­age crop on the Bri­tish Royal Hor­ti­cul­tural So­ci­ety’s ‘per­fect for pol­li­na­tors’ list, used as a soil fer­tiliser due to its abil­ity to make its own ni­trates (5) 15 Tamil name for Sri Lanka; the pro­posed home­land of the Tamil peo­ple (5) 16 The _____; ti­tle of a novel by Joanna Trol­lope; or, a tele­vi­sion se­ries pre­sented by Gareth Malone (5) 17 De­picted in a play by Shake­speare, a young Tro­jan prince who woos Cres­sida be­fore be­ing killed by Achilles (7) 18 Baroque mu­si­cian dubbed ‘Or­pheus Bri­tan­ni­cus’ who be­came the or­gan­ist for West­min­ster Abbey around the age of 20 and com­posed the first English opera, Dido and Ae­neas (7) 19 Swiss _____; na­tional an­them of Switzer­land that was re­vamped in a more mod­ern style in re­cent years (5) 20 Chalk stone used in the restora­tion of East Anglian his­toric build­ings, the name of which is used by Bri­tish paint-maker Far­row & Ball for one of its neu­tral colours (6) 22 Col­lec­tive noun for a group of geese (6) 26 Sit­u­ated on the Suf­folk coast, the UK’s east­ern­most town, where Ben­jamin Brit­ten was born in 1913 (9) 28 Card game also called trente et quar­ante and red and black (5,2,4) 30 East Ayr­shire town where Robert Burns’ col­lec­tion Po­ems, Chiefly in the Scot­tish Di­alect was first pub­lished (10) 32 French com­poser and con­duc­tor noted for Rondo Capric­cioso, Sam­son and Delilah, Sym­phony No 3 ‘Or­gan’ and The Car­ni­val of the An­i­mals (5-5) 35 Bird with sim­i­lar­i­ties to a nuthatch but with brown plumage form­ing an ex­cel­lent cam­ou­flage against bark (11) 37 Mean­ing ‘mother’s neck­lace’ and de­scribed by Ed­mund Hil­lary as ‘un­climbable’, a Hi­malayan peak con­sid­ered one of the most chal­leng­ing and soughtafter as­cents (3,6) 38 Rows of veg­etable plants in fur­rows; pri­mates re­lated to ba­boons; or, march­ing (6) 40 Com­pany of tour­ing the­atri­cal per­form­ers, dancers or singers (6) 41 _____ One Morn­ing; Vir­ginia Baily’s 2015 novel set in Rome (5) 46 Marine nav­i­ga­tion in­stru­ment re­sem­bling a com­pass but with no mag­netic nee­dle; or,

name of a mega yacht de­signed by Tim Hey­wood (7) 48 Sir Wal­ter Raleigh’s half-brother whose last recorded words were: ‘We are as near to heaven by sea as by land’ (7) 49 Im­pe­rial unit some­times given along with met­ric in cook­ery books (5) 50 One of the seven deadly sins (5) 51 Ve­hi­cle de­picted in JMW Turner’s Rain, Steam and Speed (5) 52 Dog breed, ei­ther golden or flat­coat (9) 53 Item at­tached to a mor­tar­board (6) 54 Town on the French Riviera con­sid­ered the world’s per­fume cap­i­tal (6) 55 Au­thor whose The Nun’s Priest’s Tale is thought to bear one of the first ref­er­ences to fool­ish­ness and thus is ten­u­ously linked to April Fools’ Day (7)


1 The largest city in Switzer­land (6) 2 Sub­stances in the blood in­volved in co­ag­u­la­tion, iden­ti­fied by nu­mer­als (7) 3 Ge­o­graphic re­gion com­pris­ing Aus­tralia, New Zealand and New Guinea (11) 4 Boats raced by Loïck Pey­ron, Chay Blyth and Ellen MacArthur (6) 5 Stew of Toulouse sausages with con­fit duck legs and can­nellini beans (9) 6 Va­ri­ety of Tus­can kale (black cab­bage) tra­di­tion­ally served in mine­strone (6,4) 7 Solemn prom­ises in the Hip­po­cratic code based on ‘do­ing no harm’ (5) 9 Plant tra­di­tion­ally used as a rem­edy for fa­cial puffi­ness, genus Euphra­sia (9) 10 Ar­ti­fi­cial bore­hole from which pe­tro­leum is ex­tracted from the earth (3,4) 11 The mother, by Zeus, of Diony­sus (6) 12 Po­lit­i­cal party dis­ci­pline of­fi­cial (4) 21 Chadic Nige­rian lan­guage (5) 22 The _____ ___; Kings­ley Amis novel (5,3) 23 Tra­di­tional Greek off-white wool rug (7) 24 Discs known as winks and squidgers in tid­dly­winks (8) 25 ‘Dr Liv­ing­stone, I_ _ _ _ _ _ _’, greet­ing of Henry Mor­ton Stan­ley upon lo­cat­ing David Liv­ing­stone on the shores of Lake Tan­ganyika in Africa (7) 27 Nov­el­ist and play­wright who cre­ated the char­ac­ters of Dorian Gray and Lady Win­der­mere (5) 29 Ac­tress who starred as Sarah Brown in Bryan Forbes’s In­ter­na­tional Vel­vet (1’4) 31 A score of 40 in pi­quet when a player wins all 12 tricks (5) 33 Greek filo, feta and spinach pie (11) 34 Name of the world’s first pur­pose-built mo­tor rac­ing cir­cuit (10) 36 Poet who wrote The Rime of the An­cient Mariner and Kubla Khan (9) 37 Large woody plant looked af­ter by an or­chardist; or, when linked with Yard, the ti­tle of a 2017 Bri­tish tele­vi­sion thriller star­ring Emily Wat­son (5,4) 39 Long ocean waves as they ad­vance to the shore; or, cylin­ders of vel­cro or ce­ramic for curl­ing/vo­lu­mis­ing hair (7) 42 Ab­bre­vi­ated name for a re­search pe­riod be­tween Trin­ity Term and Michael­mas Term at Oxbridge (4,3) 43 Peg for the bung­hole of a cask (6) 44 __ _ _ _ _ line; cord at­tach­ing a novice parachutist’s D-Bag to an air­craft en­abling au­to­matic de­ploy­ment dur­ing a jump (6) 45 Cup ______; in Greek myth, a word used to de­scribe Hebe (6) 47 In­dian au­thor who wrote The Golden Gate, A Suitable Boy and the col­lec­tion of fables in verse Beastly Tales (4) 48 Egg whites used as an art ma­te­rial that can be added to gouache (5)

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