We in­vite read­ers to share thoughts, anec­dotes, views or sto­ries on a par­tic­u­lar sub­ject. Last week we asked: ‘Have you tried Filipino food? If not, why not? If so, what is your favourite dish?’ Here are your replies:

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I ac­tu­ally tried Filipino food for the first time at Max’s and quite en­joyed the tra­di­tional fried chicken. It was a lit­tle blander than I’m used to but it was great to ex­pe­ri­ence a new cui­sine. I’d love to try more dishes if only I knew what I should or­der. Lek­shmy Di­vakara Menon

I have tried Filipino food and es­pe­cially love the desserts. My favourite are the steamed buns – sio pao asado with the chicken stuff­ing. A vari­a­tion of the Chi­nese/Thai bun, this too is soft and the fill­ing is sweet(ish) and avail­able at Chowk­ing. In desserts, I love ube (pur­ple yam ice cream) and halo-halo (which trans­lates to ‘mixmix’), which is made with evap­o­rated milk and a mix of var­i­ous in­gre­di­ents like sago, co­conut, beans, fruit etc... The ver­sion I’ve had was home-made with sweet­ened con­densed milk, sago and jelly cubes. By far, one of my favourite desserts. Alba D’Souza

My favourite Filipino food would be chicken adobo. Ev­ery Filipino home has their own ver­sion. But like every­one else’s claim, my mum makes the best adobo. Eve­lyn De Cas­tro

I’ve worked with many Filipino col­leagues and loved their sweets. If I just re­mem­bered what they were called. It’s a lot sweeter than our Euro­pean cui­sine. Agni Skafi­das

I once tried a food item called lumpia. It re­sem­bled spring rolls ex­cept that the wrap­ping was crispier. And taste wise, it were al­most like Chi­nese spring rolls con­tain­ing a mix­ture of meat and veg­eta­bles. I have also eaten at some Filipino restau­rants such as Jol­libee, Golden Fork and Marry Brown. I have had their spaghetti umpteen num­ber of times and ab­so­lutely love it. It’s fresh, not too oily or heavy and mild in flavour. And I re­mem­ber a few years back, our helper at home, who hails from Philip­pines, made us a cake that she said was their tra­di­tional sweet. It was soft, deca­dent and tasted much like co­conut. The cake had a Filipino name. I’d say Filipino food has a lot of sim­i­lar­i­ties with Chi­nese and Viet­namese cui­sine. But all in all, it’s very healthy, burst­ing with flavours and light on the stom­ach. It is a must try! Fa­tima Suhail

I tried bib­ingka, a sweet cake, from my of­fice col­league while I was work­ing. That was the very first time I got in­tro­duced to Filipino food. I like peo­ple from Philip­pines, they seem to be happy-go-lucky peo­ple who don’t take much ten­sion. Their food is sim­ple and not so spicy, like the adobo chicken – it was light on the stom­ach. Jaseera Coti­col­lon

I am up­set to an­swer this ques­tion be­cause I have not tried Filipino food. I re­mem­ber go­ing to a Filipino bak­ery near my home that cer­tainly had the best cakes and all the bak­ery stuff along­side Flipino dishes. Un­for­tu­nately, I have not tried Filipino food be­cause when I think about Filipino food, I re­call stand­ing in the bak­ery for a good 15 min­utes just try­ing to read the name and un­der­stand the mean­ing of it (some­how). To be hon­est,I would need a cer­ti­fied

Filipino chef to help me un­der­stand even the small­est de­tails of that par­tic­u­lar Filipino dish. More­over, I would like to blame my shy­ness – as a re­sult of that, I spent my en­tire time think­ing whether I should ask some­one or fig­ure out my­self. I would def­i­nitely love to try some be­cause food is not only a need when it comes to me – it’s an en­joy­ment and in this case, another fun way to dis­cover the cul­ture of a re­spectable coun­try. Kan­wal Rana

I haven’t tried Filipino food, as it’s mostly non-veg­e­tar­ian and I am pure veg­e­tar­ian. Surabhi Baid

I tasted Filipino food at a potluck lunch. I’m not too sure if it was au­then­tic cui­sine so I would love to taste au­then­tic Fili­ipino cui­sine some day. I do not get to try dif­fer­ent foods very of­ten but would be de­lighted to taste this unique cui­sine. Sarah Ronad

I have never tried Filipino food. I would not know what to or­der if I was in a Filipino restau­rant. Per­haps Fri­day magazine can do a story on Filipino food, ori­gin, type, what a first-timer should try, and most im­por­tant, where to go to try au­thenic Filipino food. Priya Mal­ho­tra

I have a deep love for South East Asian cui­sine, I es­pe­cially en­joy the ex­otic and eclec­tic mix of in­gre­di­ents in Filipino cui­sine. I have tried all their pop­u­lar dishes like lumpia, adobo and pancit. The adobo dish I tried was not the usual chicken one, but was a com­bi­na­tion

I have only tried lumpia and pancit, to be hon­est, and I am not a big fan as it is too sweet for my lik­ing. Simy Mathew

of meat with okra, if you have a palate for that kind of flavour, you will en­joy this dish. I also ap­pre­ci­ate their va­ri­ety of break­fast and snack items, many of them are steamed, so they are pretty light on the tummy and with­out any oil. Anupa Mathews I’m not a great fan of Filipino food, I tried it once and was a bit low on the spices and flavour, and I haven’t tried it since. Ac­tu­ally a lit­tle too sweet for my palate. I en­joy food that’s on the spicier side. Alvin Ge­orge

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