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1 Ital­ian poly­math noted for his use of the tech­niques sfu­mato and chiaroscuro in paint­ings in­clud­ing Mona Lisa, The Last Sup­per and Lady with an Er­mine (8) 5 Form­ing part of a knot gar­den, the culi­nary and medic­i­nal plants de­scribed in books by Ni­cholas Culpeper (5) 8 Au­thor first pub­lished when she was 70 whose nov­els in­clude Jump­ing the Queue, The Camomile Lawn, Har­ness­ing Pea­cocks and A Sen­si­ble Life (6) 14 Also known as granny’s bon­net, a self-seed­ing, clump-form­ing flower with blooms in pas­tel shades of pink, laven­der, peach, lemon, mauve or cream (9) 15 First name of the char­ac­ter played by Mar­i­lyn Mon­roe in Some Like it Hot; or, linked with “craft” for an art form used to dec­o­rate cakes and desserts (5) 16 Im­mor­talised in Ger­ald Dur­rell’s au­to­bi­o­graph­i­cal tril­ogy that in­cludes My Fam­ily and other An­i­mals and Birds, Beasts and Rel­a­tives, one of the green­est of the Greek is­lands (5) 17 De­scribed by Ovid as “liv­ing death”, state of ban­ish­ment forced upon fig­ures in­clud­ing Dante, Napoleon Bon­a­parte, Imelda Mar­cos and the Dalai Lama (5) 18 Pen name of Jean-Bap­tiste Po­quelin, the French drama­tist who wrote Tartuffe, The Misan­thrope, The School for Wives and The Bour­geois Gen­tle­man (7) 19 In Greek mythol­ogy, the des­ti­na­tion of Jason and the Arg­onauts in their quest to find the Golden Fleece (7) 20 Postage —; item col­lected, stud­ied or ap­pre­ci­ated by a phi­lat­e­list (5) 22 Gen­eral name for an out­door area as­so­ci­ated with fig­ures in­clud­ing Gertrude Jekyll, Vita Sackville-West, Sir Roy Strong, Percy Thrower and Alan Titch­marsh (6) 24 Ital­ian ar­chi­tect, hu­man­ist, artist, and cryp­tog­ra­pher whose De pic­tura (On Painting) was the first ac­count of the the­ory of lin­ear per­spec­tive dur­ing the Re­nais­sance (7) 27 Coun­try with the cap­i­tal Abuja (7) 29 Do­mes­tic task or chore in­volv­ing the use of an ap­pli­ance usu­ally with a steamer, spritzer and ther­mo­stat (7) 30 Me­dieval three-stringed in­stru­ment (5) 32 Cel­e­brated in a folk song and form­ing part of the re­gion that con­tains the Great Trossachs For­est, the largest fresh­wa­ter lake in Scot­land by sur­face area (4,6) 34 The __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _; Jo­hannes Ver­meer painting, part of a col­lec­tion in the Lou­vre (10) 37 Ex­plorer who died on his re­turn from a failed at­tempt to be the first to reach the South Pole (5) 39 Per­son­i­fied by the Greek god­dess Iris, the man­i­fes­ta­tion of a spec­trum of colours rang­ing from red to vi­o­let (7) 41 An­other name for va­le­rian (3-4) 42 Any one of the around 4,000 chem­i­cal com­pounds/el­e­ments in crys­talline form such as chal­cedony or quartz (7) 44 Gen­eral name for a bistro, restau­rant, tav­erna or a trattoria (6) 45 The neg­a­tive part of an elec­tric bat­tery,

sym­bol­ised by a mi­nus sign (5) 49 Re­mov­able cir­cuit board (stan­dard, mi­cro or nano) act­ing as the “brain” of a smart­phone or mo­bile de­vice (3,4) 51 Au­thor of Crowds and Power (7) 52 Strong­est bone of the hu­man body (5) 53 Ital­ian mu­si­cal term mean­ing “very” (5) 54 Ac­tors Stu­dio co-founder who directed A Street­car Named De­sire, On the Wa­ter­front and East of Eden (5) 55 A work­force col­lec­tively (9) 56 The __ _ _ _ _ sci­ence; eco­nom­ics, ac­cord­ing to his­to­rian Thomas Car­lyle (6) 57 An­i­mals with tails known as brushes (5) 58 First name of one of the Larkin sis­ters in The Dar­ling Buds of May; a pale yel­low colour; or, a wood­land flower (8)


1 Flat leather shoe with styles in­clud­ing boat, driv­ing, penny, horsebit, kilted, tas­selled and Wild­smith (6) 2 Old name for an oph­thal­mol­o­gist (7) 3 De­picted in a ch­est­nut tree painting by Al­fred Sis­ley, a French word for a tree-lined drive­way, walk or path (5) 4 Por­tuguese ex­plorer; the first per­son to sail di­rectly from Europe to In­dia (2,4) 6 Fes­ti­val cel­e­brat­ing Welsh cul­ture (10) 7 Brass in­stru­ment used for sig­nalling; a tube-shaped bead; or, the plant Ajuga (5) 9 The leg­endary sword of King Arthur (9) 10 Non-pedi­gree sighthound that can be bred for tasks in the field ac­cord­ing to the work­ing needs of its owner (7) 11 Tra­di­tional way to sign off a let­ter or other cor­re­spon­dence when it is ad­dressed to a named in­di­vid­ual (5,9) 12 The cap­i­tal of Sar­dinia (8) 13 In­for­mal name for a car­niv­o­rous semi-aquatic rep­tile re­lated to al­li­ga­tors (4) 21 Highly-prized wild mush­room (5) 23 Rose­head _____; tacks used to se­cure horse­shoes or solid wood floor­ing or to make ledge and brace doors (5) 24 Na­tive or in­hab­i­tant of the largest coun­try in North Africa (8) 25 Served in sand­wiches, with cooked meats or in vinai­grette, a condi­ment flavoured with turmeric, ei­ther as pow­der or ready-pre­pared (7,7) 26 Cas­tle and es­tate near Crathie; a Scot­tish home to the Royal fam­ily (8) 28 Lizard that can walk up walls (5) 31 A type of ice-cream dessert; or, a ma­chine de­vel­oped by Alan Tur­ing and Gor­don Welch­man dur­ing their time code-break­ing at Bletch­ley Park (5) 33 Un­wanted form of the au­di­ble waves mea­sured in deci­bels (5) 35 One of the artists who formed part of the Angry Pen­guins move­ment (5) 36 Prac­tice of re­frain­ing from al­co­hol (10) 38 An Ital­ian verse form in triplets first used by Dante in Di­vine Com­edy (5,4) 40 Kitchen sur­faces, ei­ther lam­i­nate, granite or wooden butcher block style (8) 43 Greek god­dess of ret­ri­bu­tion against those who suc­cumb to hubris (7) 46 One of the Three Tenors (7) 47 Re­flec­tive item form­ing part of a he­li­o­graph sig­nalling de­vice (6) 48 The county town of Kerry (6) 50 De­rived from the Latin word “dux” (leader), the high­est of the five ranks of the peer­age (4) 51 One of the spellings of the Inca cap­i­tal in mod­ern Peru (5) 52 Psy­cho­an­a­lyst who wrote The Art of Lov­ing, Es­cape from Free­dom, Man for Him­self and The Sane So­ci­ety (5)

So­lu­tions will be given next week. The last date for en­tries is June 27. The win­ner of this cross­word will be an­nounced on July 7. The win­ner of the June 9 cross­word is Tony Al­vares, Aj­man.

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