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Astro­log­i­cally, eclipses in­di­cated turn­ing points for signs, es­pe­cially for those in which they take place, this year in Aquarius and Leo. The to­tal eclipse on Aug 21 is so rare it’s al­ready at­tract­ing at­ten­tion for its sci­en­tific and meta­phys­i­cal in­ter­est. With that and a host of plan­e­tary ac­tiv­i­ties set to oc­cur, Shel­ley von Strunckel of­fers a peek of what your zo­diac sign has in store over the next six months ARIES MARCH 20 – APRIL 18 LIFE­STYLE, CA­REER AND GOALS

Pa­tience isn’t your strength. What’s more, with ex­cit­ing if un­ex­pected, de­vel­op­ments re­shap­ing el­e­ments of your life, daily rou­tine or pro­fes­sional set­ting, you’re ea­ger to take ad­van­tage of these promis­ing events.

Your abil­ity to take the ini­tia­tive, even in dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tions, is an as­set. Still, move too swiftly now and you could be com­mit­ted to plans or ven­tures when the amaz­ing events promised by the link be­tween Uranus, which is in Aries, and the planet of achieve­ment, Saturn, takes place on Novem­ber 11.

Be­tween now and then, there­fore, de­clut­ter your life and elim­i­nate ideas that are tak­ing up your time but are go­ing nowhere.

This review will also help you spot which set­tings and pur­suits are past their peak and, bet­ter yet, shift your fo­cus to what shows prom­ise. If you work, this means think­ing through, then sug­gest­ing, new ideas. Be­tween your fiery en­thu­si­asm and rest­less courage, you’re hap­pi­est jug­gling a range of tasks. First, rid your­self of un­pro­duc­tive ac­tiv­i­ties, then in­vest that pas­sion in pur­suits that will be as re­ward­ing as they are ex­cit­ing.


The next year prom­ises to be re­ward­ing for you, in terms of fi­nances and your as­sets. And what you learn dur­ing the last half of 2017 will have a great deal to do with what you achieve. But frus­trat­ingly for you, what’s most promis­ing in­volves others – from col­leagues to co­work­ers or busi­ness part­ners – and their in­sis­tence on in­ves­ti­gat­ing the facts in de­tail will cause de­lays as ir­ri­tat­ing as they are wor­ry­ing.

Yet, as you’ll have learnt dur­ing the year’s first half, that process of ques­tion­ing re­veals cru­cial facts. Team­work re­mains cru­cial. The ac­cent is on work­ing closely with others, so what­ever you’re pur­su­ing, team­work will be a big part of the process, although the clash be­tween for­tu­nate Jupiter and Uranus, which is in Aries, on Septem­ber 28, could make you ques­tion these al­liances. It’s a good time to ex­plore, meet new people and learn about re­cent de­vel­op­ments. You may stick with what you have, but if so, it will be with a fresh con­vic­tion.


For you, as an in­tense, pas­sion­ate Aries, your ap­proach to life is ‘all or noth­ing’. This means that when you’re in­volved with fam­ily, loved ones or even friends, that com­mit­ment is to­tal and you ex­pect the same from others. The fact is, your sheer zest for life adds some­thing spe­cial to each of those links.

How­ever, you can’t give that de­gree of at­ten­tion, en­thu­si­asm or af­fec­tion to ev­ery­body, all the time. While that jug­gling act is noth­ing new, dur­ing the last half of 2017, it could turn into emo­tional dra­mas, where ei­ther cer­tain in­di­vid­u­als com­plain they’re not get­ting enough at­ten­tion or you suc­cumb to the stress caused by these con­flicts.

The emo­tion­ally in­tense Aries Full Moon on Oc­to­ber 5 not only brings these to a head, but gives you good rea­son to talk over any such is­sues. Or­di­nar­ily your im­pulse would be to brush these aside, hop­ing things will go bet­ter. How­ever, your in­stincts will cor­rectly say that an in­vest­ment in frank ex­tended dis­cus­sions will pay off big time. This ap­plies as much to those seek­ing al­liances.


Sud­den events or happy en­coun­ters teach you to make time for what, and who, you love a pri­or­ity.

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