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If you didn’t un­der­stand the na­ture of the last half of 2017, you’d won­der what was go­ing on, and worry about the nu­mer­ous changes, and in a bizarre range of ar­eas of your life, that are be­yond your con­trol. Each of these is pre­par­ing you for the pow­er­ful, thrilling but, oc­ca­sion­ally, unset­tling cy­cle of growth that be­gins in Oc­to­ber, with the move by for­tu­nate Jupiter into Scorpio.

While you might al­ready be aware of cer­tain ideas, of­fers or pos­si­bil­i­ties, what’s best could be least ex­pected. How­ever, when you look back on the months of July, Au­gust and Septem­ber, you’ll re­alise that sud­den and seem­ingly ran­dom events were de-clut­ter­ing your life, your diary and your think­ing, and mak­ing way for the ex­tra­or­di­nary and of­ten un­ex­pected de­vel­op­ments ush­ered in by mighty Jupiter’s pres­ence in your sign for a year.

This brings ex­pan­sion, per­son­ally, pro­fes­sion­ally, and of­ten in­tro­duces new ideas, people or ac­tiv­i­ties. De­spite that, ini­tially these could seem un­in­ter­est­ing, a dis­trac­tion or even a dis­rup­tion when, in fact, they’re about break­throughs. Know­ing that, ex­plore ev­ery idea, en­counter or of­fer, un­likely as it seems. At min­i­mum, you’ll learn some­thing. But some could trans­form your life, and in won­der­ful, if en­tirely un­ex­pected, ways.


The most im­por­tant things to bear in mind dur­ing this cy­cle of growth and dis­cov­ery is the dif­fer­ence be­tween hav­ing money in the bank, and en­coun­ter­ing ideas, of­fers or events that will ex­pose you to fi­nan­cially worth­while ac­tiv­i­ties or links. Tempt­ing and, in­deed, log­i­cal as it is to stick with some­thing you know, Jupiter’s pres­ence in Scorpio, from Oc­to­ber 10 un­til Novem­ber 8, 2018, is about dis­cov­ery, in ev­ery form. Thus, you’ll want to deal with here and now mat­ters, then fo­cus your time on the ex­plo­ration that this cy­cle, which oc­curs only ev­ery twelve years, is about.

This fo­cuses on de­part­ing your com­fort zone and learn­ing about prof­itable ideas, meet­ing people who, per­haps, are in­tim­i­dat­ing or force you to ven­ture into new ter­ri­tory, in terms of ideas, ac­tiv­i­ties or even fun.

Be­cause this isn’t only about your fi­nances, it’s about wealth in ev­ery area of your life – a wealth of hap­pi­ness with others, and of self-worth, per­son­ally. This, in turn, fosters a zest for life that’s in­fec­tious, that makes ev­ery day ex­cit­ing but, as im­por­tantly, draws others to you, in­di­vid­u­als who’re ea­ger to work with you, and ea­ger to join in the process of turn­ing ex­cit­ing, and of­ten new, ideas into prof­itable ac­tiv­i­ties.


A hap­pily set­tled fam­ily life and, equally, warm­ing and sup­port­ive friend­ships are, clearly, fun­da­men­tal to liv­ing well. Yet when things be­come too set­tled, and pre­dictable rou­tine re­places a ca­pac­ity for spon­tane­ity, life can lose its sparkle. This is a risk for you, as a Scorpio and some­body who en­joys get­ting things or­gan­ised ‘just so’. Dur­ing the pe­riod be­tween July and mid-Oc­to­ber, you’ll face sud­den and seem­ingly ran­dom events, which will trig­ger changes in your per­sonal or fam­ily rou­tine.

Tempt­ing as it is to do the min­i­mum or re­turn to those fa­mil­iar habits swiftly, view this as a chance to ex­plore. Bet­ter yet, this is pre­par­ing you, and those around you, to broaden your hori­zons, in terms of your habits, the places you go, what you do to re­lax, even your dreams.

This isn’t about a sin­gle day or re­or­gan­is­ing the ex­ist­ing rou­tine. It’s about dis­cov­er­ing new things to do, and in those, dis­cov­er­ing new and pow­er­ful links with those who mat­ter most. Those seek­ing a long-term re­la­tion­ship will ben­e­fit hugely from this; in broad­en­ing your cir­cle, you’re giv­ing your­self new, and ex­cit­ing op­tions, ones that will be re­ward­ing now, and in the fu­ture.


What ini­tially seem un­wel­come or un­fair changes in your way of liv­ing or work­ing lead to break­throughs, and to im­prove­ments you’d pre­vi­ously re­garded as un­likely, if not im­pos­si­ble.

Fo­cus on the EX­PLO­RATION that this cy­cle, which oc­curs only EV­ERY TWELVE YEARS, is about: De­part your com­fort zone, LEARN about PROF­ITABLE ideas and meet people who are IN­TIM­I­DAT­ING

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