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Q I like to dress smart for­mal dur­ing summer but the heat gets to me. What are my op­tions? A Many gen­tle­men fear play­ing with vi­brant colours such as lighter shades of blue, pink, lime green or rusty or­ange.

This summer, ex­press your dandy­ism by con­quer­ing your fear of light and opt­ing for some vi­brant colours for your jacket or blazer.

The trick here is to make sure the fab­ric, al­though light in colour, has a pat­tern or a tex­ture to it. One thing you can’t go wrong with, is mid-sized win­dow pane check­ered fabrics in these light colours. The light shades bring out the fresh­ness of the summer while the check­ered de­sign keeps the mas­culin­ity and gen­tle­manly at­tributes in­tact.

Choose a lightweight fab­ric un­der 240 grams and in­struct your tailor to make it with­out a lin­ing or with half lin­ing to keep it cool and breezy.

If he is a be­spoke tailor, just men­tion that you want a Neapoli­tan jacket and he will understand ex­actly what to do with it.

The Neapoli­tan jacket, hail­ing from Naples in Italy as the name sug­gests, is a jacket that is con­structed in a man­ner that is es­pe­cially meant for the sum­mers. It has a can­vas with a mem­ory fea­ture, which means even though it is made from a very lightweight fab­ric with half lin­ing at the back only, the form and shape still re­main in­tact at all times and even get better with ev­ery wear as the can­vas starts tak­ing the shape of your body.

The check­ered pat­tern is a treat for ev­ery tailor to work with as they match all your pock­ets, gorge and lapel to align with the check­ered pat­tern. The abil­ity to cor­rectly align the pat­tern and match the checks through­out the suit whilst keep­ing the slim sil­hou­ette in­tact show­cases the true tai­lor­ing prow­ess of a be­spoke tailor.

In ad­di­tion to this, your be­spoke tailor will give you one of the sig­na­tures of a Neapoli­tan jacket, which is the cam­i­cia rollo shoul­ders. ‘Cam­i­cia’ means shirt-like and ‘rollo’ means roped. These ca­sual shoul­ders crafted through care­ful ran­dom­ness have a com­bi­na­tion of ran­dom pleats and a high sleeve head, a com­plete charm to look at.

Team this with the Ital­ian barchetta (boat-shaped) breast pocket and you have a com­bi­na­tion that looks as sub­lime as men are meant to be.

The last thing you should add to this is a pair of cot­ton trousers or chi­nos that con­trasts yet com­ple­ments the colour of your summer blazer, pos­si­bly match­ing the colour of the checks on your blazer.

If the op­por­tu­nity presents it­self, top it off with a hat and you have got a com­bi­na­tion that is meant for the summer yet doesn’t com­pro­mise on your style quo­tient.

If you have an in­nate sense of style, you would nat­u­rally no­tice there is some­thing miss­ing here, some­thing that will set you apart from the rest. That some­thing is a nice, vi­brant and colour­ful bow tie to com­plete your smart ca­sual look.

Make sure it’s a self-tie and not a pre-tied one. In the world of the re­fined, a pre-tied bow tie is the equiv­a­lent to a card­board pocket-square.

When you are done with your event, meet­ing or sem­i­nar, un­tie it and leave it hang­ing around your col­lar for other gen­tle­men to re­alise that you are in the know of the art of ty­ing a bow-tie.

Fi­nally make sure the bow tie is tied neatly but with small ends.

The smaller the bow tie, the more your power to ir­ri­tate, and as all gen­tle­men al­ready know, some­times we like to en­joy the sub­tle plea­sure to dis­please.

A gen­tle­man never waits for an op­por­tu­nity to dress, he cre­ates the op­por­tu­nity. Hav­ing said that, there is no rea­son to wait for the win­ter to dress in your best; use the light of the summer as an op­por­tu­nity to bring out your dandy self and open your eye of be­spoke.

One thing you can’t go WRONG with is mid-sized WIN­DOW PANE CHECK­ERED fabrics in light colours of blue, pink, or RUSTY OR­ANGE. The light shades bring out the fresh­ness of SUMMER

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