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Crossword and sudoku brain-teasers.


1 Cel­e­brated at a cur­rent ex­hi­bi­tion at the Grand Palais mark­ing the cen­te­nary of his death, the found­ing fa­ther of mod­ern sculp­ture whose works in­clude The Burghers of Calais and The Thinker (5) 4 Or­na­men­tal garden el­e­ment in the form of an urn or stand for a plant or a col­lec­tion of plants; or, a mixture of pre­pared sea­sonal veg­eta­bles as a gar­nish or ac­com­pa­ni­ment for meat or stew (10) 9 Pen name of au­thor Hec­tor Hugh Munro whose works in­clude When Wil­liam Came and Beasts and Super-Beasts (4) 13 War horse rid­den by a knight, jouster, cav­al­ry­man or a lancer; a large plate used as a ta­ble set­ting; or, a portable de­vice for pow­er­ing a mo­bile de­vice (7) 14 A seg­ment of a bulb or gar­lic; or, the dried flower bud of a tree re­lated to myr­tle used as a tra­di­tional painkiller for toothache, or to flavour masala chai or biryani (5) 15 A moon of Uranus dis­cov­ered by ama­teur as­tronomer Wil­liam Lassell with a 24-inch re­flec­tor te­le­scope in 1851 (7) 16 Clas­sic type of feed and bidon bag passed to a cy­clist dur­ing the road races/ stages in a Grand Tour; or, an al­ter­na­tive type of haver­sack is­sued to troops dur­ing the Sec­ond World War (7,3) 17 One of the names for wood avens, a plant of shady forested ar­eas and hedgerows that can be a nuisance to gar­den­ers due to be­ing a self-seeder (4,6) 19 Fear ______; Royal Tank Reg­i­ment motto (6) 21 Red ______; feed­ing on bud­dleia and rot­ting or­chard fruit, a but­ter­fly that is a com­mon fea­ture of the Bri­tish coun­try­side de­spite be­ing a sea­sonal mi­grant (7) 23 Cookery book by Yo­tam Ot­tolenghi (6) 27 Sit­u­ated near to the site of the UK’s largest gorge and fa­mous for cheese, a vil­lage in the Mendip Hills through which the Sus­trans Strawberry Line passes (7) 28 Twin brother of Pol­lux; the sec­ond­bright­est star in the Gemini; a small type of swiv­el­ling wheel; or, a ves­sel with a per­fo­rated top for sprin­kling sugar (6) 29 So­ci­ety founded dur­ing the First World War that set up the Cy­cling Pro­fi­ciency Test in 1947 (5) 33 Provençal type of earth­en­ware dish in which a dish of sliced, lay­ered veg­eta­bles and olive oil are baked au gratin-style (4) 34 Ad­ven­ture nov­el­ist whose story Robin­son Cru­soe is said to be based on ship­wrecked sailor Alexan­der Selkirk (5) 35 Tra­di­tional Ja­panese sofa bed (5) 36 Made by Fen­der, the com­mon name of the world’s first com­mer­cially suc­cess­ful solid-body elec­tric gui­tar (4) 40 Di­rec­tor who wrote the tele­vi­sion play Cathy Come Home and films in­clud­ing Kes and I, Daniel Blake (5) 41 Coun­try with a num­ber of out­ly­ing is­lands in­clud­ing Crete and Kos (6) 42 __ _ _ _ _ _ _ stone; mush­room-shaped ob­ject orig­i­nally for rais­ing tithe barns and gra­naries off the ground but now gen­er­ally used as a fea­ture in coun­try gar­dens (7) 45 One-hun­dredth of a Thai baht (6)

47 Mu­si­cal _______; chil­dren’s party game (7) 48 Plantswoman who de­signed the gar­dens at Hester­combe, her own at Mun­stead Wood and nu­mer­ous others in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Sir Ed­win Lu­tyens (6) 51 In­gre­di­ent blended with es­sen­tial oils to make nat­u­ral skin­care prod­ucts (4,6) 53 Tra­di­tional craft used to make creels, skeps, ham­pers, trugs etc (10) 56 Small flute; a va­ri­ety of cherry tomato; or, quar­ter of a bottle of cham­pagne (7) 57 A coun­try in which Life of Pi is set (5) 58 Siren of a rock of the Rhine (7) 59 High­est play­ing cards in a deck (4) 60 The __________; Vita Sackville-West novel (10) 61 Of flow­ers or fruit, bloom­ing or ripen­ing early in the sea­son (5)


1 Lon­don town near Kew and Ham (8) 2 The faces of watches or clocks (5) 3 Com­mon name of the plant part of pota­toes, toma­toes and aubergines (10) 4 Tra­di­tional style of knit­ted sweater; a shirt for cer­tain sports; the largest of the Chan­nel Is­lands; or, a breed of cow (6) 5 King known as the Lionheart (7,1) 6 State cap­i­tal of Perak, Malaysia (4) 7_ _ _ _ _ Adler; Sir Arthur Co­nan Doyle char­ac­ter por­trayed by Rachel McA­dams in the 2009 film Sher­lock Holmes (5) 8 32 points of a nav­i­ga­tional com­pass (6) 10 Sit­u­ated on the left bank of the Rhône and known for a chil­dren’s song about a bridge, a his­toric cap­i­tal of Provence (7) 11 Small type of bay in a coast­line (5) 12 People who en­gage in rap­pelling (9) 18 The last game, race or round in a tour­na­ment, or exam in a cur­ricu­lum (5) 20 City on the Bea­gle Chan­nel re­garded as the south­ern­most in the world (7) 22 The first name of Boy Capel, the polo-play­ing lover and muse of Gabrielle Bon­heur Coco Chanel (6) 24 First per­son to break the sound bar­rier when he pi­loted the Bell X-1 (6) 25 Name of a bat­tle dur­ing the War of the Sec­ond Coali­tion com­mem­o­rated in the paint­ing Napoleon Cross­ing the Alps by Jac­ques-Louis David (7) 26 Or­lando Fu­rioso au­thor (7) 30 Poet who wrote To a Sky­lark (7) 31 Nee­dle for play­ing a vinyl record (6) 32 Type of biome oc­cu­py­ing one third of Earth’s land area (6) 37 Pub­li­ca­tion such as the Yel­low Pages or Whitepages (5,4) 38 Mary, Queen of _____; James V’s daugh­ter who was be­headed for plot­ting to as­sas­si­nate Elizabeth I (5) 39 Gen­eral term for an ex­plorer en­gag­ing in dar­ing feats, moun­taineer­ing etc (10) 43 New Zealand so­prano who por­trayed Dame Nel­lie Melba in an episode of Down­ton Abbey (2,6) 44 Born in 1892, the fourth pre-FIDE world chess cham­pion (8) 46 In­gre­di­ent used for tarts, steamed pud­dings and gin­ger­bread cakes (7) 49 Cotswolds town where As I Walked Out One Mid­sum­mer Morn­ing au­thor Lau­rie Lee was born (6) 50 Groups of foxes col­lec­tively (6) 51 Latin word mean­ing “above”, used in aca­demic and le­gal ci­ta­tion (5) 52 Genus name of heather (5) 54 The young of the bird known col­lec­tively as a par­lia­ment (5) 55 Ab­bre­vi­a­tion of a be­havioural con­di­tion char­ac­terised by hy­per­ac­tiv­ity that can af­fect chil­dren and adults (1,1,1,1) So­lu­tions will be given next week. The last date for en­tries is July 25. The win­ner of this crossword will be an­nounced on August 4. The win­ner of the July 7 crossword is Gopi Am­batt.

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