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Conor, who is orig­i­nally from Ire­land vis­ited Dubai for the open­ing of the new­est branch of bar­bers Chaps & Co. Be­tween train­ing the lo­cally based bar­bers, we got to talk to Conor on the lat­est hair and beard trends for men:

Which hair trends are pop­u­lar with men in 2017?

Gra­di­ent styles are the big ones. Short hair has al­ways been in fash­ion but we’ve just per­fected the tech­nique by work­ing with more pre­ci­sion. Th­ese fades ac­tu­ally came from America dur­ing the nineties and are back in fash­ion now.

How dif­fi­cult is it to cre­ate the gra­di­ent style?

The trick is work­ing with re­ally close pre­ci­sion from no hair around the neck to a lot of hair on top. The trick is find­ing that per­fect blend so that the cut looks seam­less.

Do hair­styles vary from coun­try to coun­try?

Yes def­i­nitely. A big one in the UK and Europe right now is a crop, which is nineties in­spired with a re­ally blunt fringe and short sides. In the UAE, guys seem to wear their hair longer so there’s a lot of man buns and loose long hair, It’s cool to see the dif­fer­ences across the world.

What’s your favourite hair prod­uct?

A tex­tur­iz­ing dust by Sch­warzkopf and the RCH Hair Mist, which is a salt spray for tex­ture.

What about beard trends?

In Europe we’re work­ing with a lot of sharp lines and fades on the beards, sim­i­lar to hair. It grows out re­ally nice and nat­u­ral. I think in the Mid­dle East men tend to keep their beards a bit more nat­u­ral.

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