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Cross­word and Sudoku brain-teasers.

ACROSS 1 Artist nick­named “Nino” noted for his paint­ings in­spired by lit­er­a­ture, mythol­ogy and Arthurian leg­end such as The Lady of Shalott, Ophe­lia, The

Soul of the Rose and Wind­flow­ers (10) 6 Com­mon name of a fam­ily of bee- and but­ter­fly-en­tic­ing plants/herbs in­clud­ing le­mon balm, hyssop, laven­der, rose­mary, mar­jo­ram and self-heal (4)

9 Au­thor whose mem­oir A Year in Provence was adapted into a tele­vi­sion mini-se­ries star­ring John Thaw and Lind­say Dun­can, and novel A

Good Year into a film with Rus­sell Crowe and Al­bert Fin­ney (5)

13 Pick­ling in­gre­di­ent used as a condi­ment to flavour fish and chips or, in bal­samic form from Mo­dena, to ripen straw­ber­ries (7)

14 Spine of a hedge­hog/por­cu­pine; or, a pen made from a bird’s tail feather (5)

15 Con­sti­tut­ing ap­prox­i­mately 40 per cent of mam­mal species, mam­mals char­ac­terised by a pair of con­tin­u­ously- grow­ing in­cisors, such as mice, squir­rels, guinea pigs and chip­munks (7)

16 Any of sev­eral rivers in Eng­land, such as the one flow­ing through Wiltshire, the Black­more Vale and Dorset or the one ris­ing in Cam­bridgeshire and cours­ing through Ded­ham Vale (5)

17 Mid-morn­ing break for tea, cof­fee, bis­cuits or other light re­fresh­ments; or, a hob­bit’s third meal in the Mid­dle-earth tales by J. R. R. Tolkien (9)

18 Babes __ ___ Wood; a tra­di­tional chil­dren’s tale; or, a 1990s sit­com with Karl How­man and Denise van Outen (2,3)

19 Latin or genus name of the fra­grant flow­er­ing plant mignonette; or, a pale-green Pan­tone colour (6)

20 The ______; name by which Lud­wig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 in D mi­nor, Op. 125 is com­monly known (6)

22 Ar­mour used to de­flect pro­jec­tiles and weapons; the shell of a tor­toise/turtle; or, a type of es­cutcheon used in her­aldry (6)

25 Vic­to­ria ____; English cul­ti­var of a damson­like fruit; or, a char­ac­ter cre­ated by An­gela Rip­pon (4)

27 The main is­land of Guade­loupe in the Caribbean; or, with­out the hyphen, the cap­i­tal of St Kitts and Ne­vis (5-5)

28 Sec­ond World War RAF fly­ing ace por­trayed in Paul Brick­hill’s book Reach for the Sky and in a film of the same name (5) 32 Wife of Hec­tor de­picted in a paint­ing by Jac­ques-Louis David (10)

34 Form of sus­tain­able travel to nat­u­ral or con­ser­va­tion areas/coun­tries where visi­tors are en­cour­aged to “take only pic­tures and leave only foot­prints” (10) 36 Key _____; isle on the coast of Florida (5) 37 County flower of Cheshire bloom­ing around the time the cuckoo starts to call in April, hence its al­ter­na­tive name (5-5) 39 So­lar disc in Egyp­tian mythol­ogy (4) 41 Site in Brit­tany with more than 3,000 men­hirs ex­tend­ing over four miles (6)

43 An­other name for a base­ment; or, a con­tainer for salt (6)

44 From the French mean­ing “bell”, a type of minia­ture green­house for pro­tect­ing young veg­etable plants from the el­e­ments or to ger­mi­nate seedlings (6) 48 My _____ Si­las; book of short sto­ries by H. E. Bates that was adapted into a mini-se­ries with Al­bert Fin­ney (5) 49 Par­tic­i­pants/com­peti­tors in events such as Lon­don 2012 or Rio 2016 (9) 51 Rock su­per­group formed by Eric Clap­ton and oth­ers in 1966 (5) 53 _______ in the Un­der­world; Jac­ques Of­fen­bach’s opéra bouffe fea­tur­ing his Galop In­fer­nal, or can­can (7) 54 The cap­i­tal of Nige­ria since 1991 (5) 55 The _______ Show; se­ries orig­i­nally hosted by Selina Scott and Jeff Banks (7) 56 Herb used for pesto, cap­rese salad, spaghetti Bolog­nese or pan­zanella (5) 57 Ab­bre­vi­ated name of the agency that im­ple­mented the Apollo mis­sions that landed men on the Moon (1,1,1,1) 58 An­other name for in­ves­ti­ga­tors, such as those de­picted in books by Sir Arthur Co­nan Doyle or Dame Agatha Christie (10) DOWN 1 The Merry _____ of Wind­sor; one of the plays by Shake­speare with Sir John Fal­staff (5) 2 Fi­brous “bands” in the body such as the ones named af­ter Achilles (7) 3 The fash­ion in­dus­try (in­for­mal) (3,5) 4 Au­thor of The Coun­try Girls (1,5) 5 An­other name for sets or runs of play­ing cards used to form melds (9) 7 _____ of Scilly; ar­chi­pel­ago owned by the Duchy of Corn­wall (5) 8 Mis­tle ______; bird known as a storm­cock be­cause of its habit of singing in the tops of trees dur­ing wind and rain (6) 9 Colour or shade sim­i­lar to navy (8,4) 10 Long­est river in China and Asia (7) 11 Area of Lon­don in which a long-run­ning Bri­tish soap opera is set (4,3) 12 Ves­sels de­ployed by the RNLI dur­ing emer­gency sit­u­a­tions at sea (9) 19 Name by which the artist who painted the Sis­tine Madonna is known (7) 21 Mem­ber of Les Six who wrote the scores for the 1950s films The Laven­der Hill Mob and Moulin Rouge (5) 23 Opera singer who col­lab­o­rated with Fred­die Mer­cury on the song Barcelona (7) 24 Salad plant eaten by some as an old­fash­ioned rem­edy for in­som­nia (7) 26 _____arm; how not to bowl in cricket (5) 29 Term for a large blan­ket of flow­ers/plants such as daf­fodils or al­chemilla; or, a heap of snow or leaves (5) 30 Genre pub­lished by Mills & Boon; or, linked with True, a Tarantino film (7) 31 Ac­tive vol­cano in Pue­bla which is the sec­ond­high­est peak in Mex­ico (12) 33 Orig­i­nally planted to di­vide land, a word linked with “row” for a bushy type of habi­tat form­ing the Bri­tish coun­try­side (5) 35 A god of heal­ing, son of Apollo (9) 38 Tra­di­tional break­fast con­serve made from Seville or­anges (orig­i­nally quinces) (9) 40 En­forced dark­ness dur­ing an air raid (8) 41 SI de­rived unit of elec­tric charge (7) 42 Sets of in­struc­tions such as those writ­ten by Mrs Is­abella Bee­ton (7) 45 Drama­tist who wrote The Seag­ull (7) 46 Poet who wrote Dec­o­ra­tions in Verse and Prose (1899) (6) 47 Greek word lit­er­ally mean­ing “soul” used to de­scribe the to­tal­ity of the hu­man mind, con­scious­ness and spirit (6) 50 No­bel Prize-win­ning Ir­ish poet who wrote The Tower and The Wind­ing Stair (5) 52 Fa­cial dis­guises some­times worn at cos­tume balls; or, cos­metic face packs (5)

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