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QWhy is a buttonhole on the suit lapel im­por­tant?

AIn the world of be­spoke suits, noth­ing is done with­out rea­son. The lapel hole, a but­ton hole on your suit lapel with­out a but­ton, may seem point­less at first glance but is ac­tu­ally quite the op­po­site.

The birth of the lapel hole dates back to Fe­bru­ary 10, 1840 when Queen Vic­to­ria of United King­dom got mar­ried to Prince Al­bert of Saxe Couburg and Gotha. Dur­ing the cer­e­mony, Queen Vic­to­ria pre­sented Prince Al­bert with a small bou­quet of flow­ers.

Prince Al­bert, be­ing the fine gen­tle­man that he was, im­me­di­ately got hold of a knife and slit a hole in his suit lapel in the pres­ence of all the guests. He then put a flower in the hole he cut in his lapel and left it there through­out the cer­e­mony, which surely was a me­morable one for ev­ery­one who at­tended.

He since in­structed his be­spoke tailor to put a but­ton hole on all his suit lapels just so that when­ever he was given a flower or a small bou­quet of flow­ers by Queen Vic­to­ria, he was able to place it on his lapel.

So­ci­ety fol­lowed the tra­di­tion of hav­ing a but­ton hole on the suit lapel not to mimic Prince Al­bert, but to re­mind them­selves of the im­por­tance of be­ing a gen­tle­man when wear­ing a be­spoke suit. Over the years, hav­ing gen­tle­manly at­tributes as part of your per­sonal style has be­come the first and fore­most rule when wear­ing a be­spoke suit as it is not some­thing that fades with time like fash­ion trends.

The lapel hole on your suit is a re­minder of the fact that be­ing a gen­tle­man never goes out of style.

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