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ARGYRIA Smurfs are lov­able lit­tle crea­tures but hav­ing your skin turn blue is not some­thing you would want to ex­pe­ri­ence in real life. Argyria re­sults from pro­longed con­tact with or in­ges­tion of sil­ver salts and is char­ac­terised by blue to grey stain­ing of the skin and mu­cous mem­branes pro­duced by sil­ver de­po­si­tion. You’re more likely to de­velop argyria if you take di­etary sup­ple­ments or med­i­ca­tions con­tain­ing sil­ver, reg­u­larly use eye­drops or cos­met­ics con­tain­ing sil­ver or have an oc­cu­pa­tion that in­volves pro­longed ex­po­sure to sil­ver. Thank­fully, argyria is rare and it is not life-threat­en­ing. How­ever, there is no known cure for the con­di­tion.

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