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Tech tem­per

One day, 10 years ago I was im­pa­tiently wait­ing for a mail so had se­cured our new lap­top in my cus­tody. In spite of my hus­band re­quest­ing it again and again I was not ready to share the lap­top with him. This cre­ated a big scene be­tween us leav­ing us with a ma­jor fight. I was so fu­ri­ous that mo­ment that I was about to throw away our very first lap­top from the ter­race. To date, I still don’t know the things I spoke out in anger. My hus­band just left me on my own and walked away re­turn­ing safe after few hours after I kept call­ing him on his mo­bile. This mem­ory I re­gret the most and I still am ashamed for my child­ish be­hav­iour. Pos­i­tively I started yoga after that to calm my­self down which has helped me a lot get­ting con­trol on my anger and my­self. Lamiya Si­raj


Re­gret, we’ve all been there. Whether it’s a test you didn’t pre­pare for or even a birth­day you for­got, it man­i­fests in each per­son in con­trast­ing ways. I have lost my cool for a few times, although now they seem to be triv­ial. A few years back, I was a very short tem­pered girl and used to fuss over the tini­est of dis­putes. One of these that I re­gret­ted badly had to do with me los­ing a very pre­cious friend­ship. I was in a friend group that had helped me over­come my fears and we were specif­i­cally very ben­e­fi­cial to each other. Over a silly mat­ter, we fought which led to us not speak­ing to one an­other for a whole month. Now, we never talk other than the usual greet­ings here and there. To this day, I re­gret our con­flict and still do an­tic­i­pate an in­ter­ac­tion more than what we have now. Aarya Ajith


The one time I truly re­gret los­ing my tem­per was a few years ago at my won­der­ful daugh­ter. The is­sue it­self was so silly that in hind­sight I won­der why I got so up­set. One day, she re­turned home from school with­out fin­ish­ing the food in her lunch box. I’d been telling her to not waste food but that one evening I com­pletely lost my cool and screamed at her for a few min­utes. See­ing me so up­set, she broke down and told me that her stom­ach was up­set which was why she could not fin­ish her food.

I felt so sad see­ing her, and was filled with re­gret. I promised never to re­peat that. Lak­shmi Rao

I wish I hadn’t burst out

I rarely if ever lose my tem­per. But one day, I’d had a tough day at work and was ex­tremely stressed when I re­turned home. My wife and I had a mi­nor ar­gu­ment over some­thing re­lated to the kids’s stud­ies and in a fit of anger re­buked my wife harshly. She too got up­set and we traded some very hurt­ful barbs at each other be­fore I stormed out of the room. Later I I re­turned to the room and found her sob­bing. My heart broke, be­cause I had never seen her sob ever. To this day I re­gret the words I spoke. Ar­shad Ali

It’s in my genes

Hav­ing par­ents who lose their tem­per eas­ily, I guess it wasn’t that hard for me to fol­low them. I re­mem­ber, once in school, a re­ally close friend of mine and I had this re­ally big ar­gu­ment over some­thing small and I lost my tem­per. I called her all kinds of names and we did not speak for over a week. I re­gret­ted it the same day but didn’t have the courage to go apol­o­gise; I asked my friend to do it for me and I added on to the apol­ogy. My friends mean my sec­ond fam­ily, but hav­ing this bad tem­per is a re­ally big prob­lem. But re­gret­ting the mis­take and of­fer­ing a sin­cere apol­ogy means ev­ery­thing to me. Priyanka Anil


My daugh­ter had just fin­ished her Grade 12 ex­ams and var­i­ous en­trance ex­ams and was await­ing re­sults. Like most moth­ers I was su­per stressed about it. One day she had a ma­jor ar­gu­ment with me over a petty is­sue. Un­for­tu­nately I lost my tem­per and yelled at her say­ing how dare you ar­gue when you did not even work hard enough dur­ing your ex­ams.

I re­gret­ted it the mo­ment I ut­tered it, but was too late.

She ended up do­ing well in her ex­ams and got into the col­lege we wanted. I still re­gret that mo­ment when I spoke harshly. The only sav­ing grace is now I learnt my les­son and I try to walk away when I am an­gry rather than speak in anger.

Sarita Sankaran

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