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Birdie Boost Three ex­er­cises good for your body and your golf game

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oal No. 1 for any­one in the gym should be to get health­ier. But if you’re also in­ter­ested in prim­ing your body to play bet­ter golf, it’s time to ditch many tra­di­tional ex­er­cises and re­place them with ones de­signed to do both, says Ben Shear, Golf Di­gest Fit­ness Ad­vi­sor. Here are three to get you started.

how: Hold two dumb­bells in the ex­tended po­si­tion of the press. Do one rep with one arm while keep­ing the other still. Then do one rep with the al­ter­nate arm while keep­ing the other in the ex­tended po­si­tion. Do two to three sets of 10 reps, each arm.

why: In ad­di­tion to strength­en­ing your chest and arms, leav­ing one dumb­bell ex­tended at all times im­proves sta­bil­ity in the shoul­der joints, which is key to swing­ing a club safely and pow­er­fully. This ex­er­cise also helps cor­rect mus­cu­lar im­bal­ances.

how: Hold a dumb­bell ver­ti­cally with both hands so the top of the weight is rest­ing against your chest. From a split stance, lower your body to the floor un­til the knee of the trail­ing leg touches the ground. Rise and re­peat 10 times for four sets, switch­ing leg po­si­tions af­ter each set.

why: A bar­bell split squat puts too much stress on your spine and is dif­fi­cult to do cor­rectly with­out good shoul­der flex­i­bil­ity. A goblet squat—easy to per­form with good tech­nique—strength­ens the power gen­er­a­tors in your golf swing (hips, legs and butt) and im­proves tho­racic ex­ten­sion so you can swing at max­i­mum width.

how: While rest­ing on your side with your arms crossed, stack your legs on a plat­form, and use them as lever­age to raise most of your body off the ground. Hold this po­si­tion for 30 to 60 sec­onds, rest and re­peat.

why: A stan­dard side plank of­fers lim­ited ben­e­fit to your ab­domen mus­cles be­cause the shoul­der and arm mus­cles sup­port­ing the body get tired be­fore your core does. Us­ing the stronger mus­cles in your legs to sup­port the body al­lows you to work the obliques and other core mus­cles much harder. They’re needed for bet­ter swing ro­ta­tion.

stan­dard bench press bar­bell split squat do this . . . al­ter­nate- arm dumb­bell bench press in­stead of . . .

stan­dard side plank goblet split squat no- arm side plank

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