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Swing­ing on an in-to-out path in re­la­tion to the tar­get line is some­thing most am­a­teurs re­ally strug­gle to do in the down­swing, but it’s vi­tal to mak­ing solid con­tact. I’m a big fan of the Or­ange Whip train­ing aid to help with this. With its weighted end and flex­i­ble shaft, the Or­ange Whip keeps the arms and body mov­ing in the proper se­quence for that de­sired in-to-out path. For me, it’s not about where the club is at any given mo­ment. It’s about feel­ing the proper mo­tion. An­other key is get­ting your chest be­hind the ball dur­ing the back­swing. If your chest hov­ers over the ball, you’ll likely pitch for­ward on the back­swing, elim­i­nat­ing any chance of be­ing in the proper se­quence on the way down. To help, set your lead shoul­der so it’s point­ing a lit­tle right (closed) of your tar­get line at ad­dress. It gives you a head start for an in-to-out down­swing.

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