Grand­par­ents: Our true trea­sures

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eptem­ber 10 was Grand­par­ent’s Day. While many across the world cel­e­brate the day, have we ever stopped to pon­der on what the real plight of grand­par­ents is, nowa­days? Are they made to feel as im­por­tant as they are to this chang­ing so­ci­ety ? Are they val­ued the same?

Have we re­ally for­got­ten the true im­por­tance of those souls who were happy to see us smile and watch us spend­ing good times? What is for­got­ten on the way to moder­nity?

Most of all, it is the mere ex­is­tence of our grand­par­ents! Their be­ing there at the time of stress or dis­tress. Their guid­ance for is­sues big or small.

It is al­ways amaz­ing how they have an an­swer to ev­ery ques­tion, a so­lu­tion to ev­ery prob­lem and a help­ing hand to ex­tend ev­ery time.

I want to ask par­ents, have you ever re­alised the value of your own par­ents when you strug­gle ev­ery morn­ing to pack school bags for your chil­dren? How easy they made our lives.

Frankly, we were never thank­ful. In­stead we came home find­ing faults with things. Some­times I feel, for all that was given to you in plenty and was not val­ued is per­haps the rea­son you have to pay a price to live at a place where you have to buy trust, you have to buy help by pay­ing for day care. It is his­tory re­peat­ing it­self to teach you a les­son!

All my life I was taken care of by my grand­par­ents. I must say I feel pity for those who were de­prived of it, or for those who did not look after their par­ents well. Soon we will have chil­dren who grow with no re­spect for el­ders, learn­ing from you when you could not show re­spect to your el­ders. It will be a life where no one will be thank­ful for what you did as par­ents, and how much you cared.

To your chil­dren, you will just have per­formed your duty.

So get set and be ready to face the or­deal and if in be­tween you get a few sec­onds, re­mind your chil­dren to wish their grand­par­ents a happy Grand­par­ents Day.

The reader is a prin­ci­pal at a Dubai-based nurs­ery.

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