Time to en­force anti-lit­ter laws

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When is some­thing go­ing to be done about the dis­gust­ing amount of lit­ter on the streets of Abu Dhabi?

My of­fice is in the city cen­tre and I am dis­gusted to see the amount and va­ri­ety of waste that peo­ple just toss on the pave­ments with im­punity. Many peo­ple seem to have a cul­ture I call “free­dom to lit­ter”.

It might help if the author­i­ties ac­tu­ally im­posed the fines the law al­lows. The Na­tional ran a story in Jan­uary head­lined UAE in­spec­tors threaten strict penal­ties for those caught lit­ter­ing. Where is the ac­tion?

I have seen many peo­ple lit­ter­ing but I have never seen any of them be­ing pe­nalised. While it would not be fea­si­ble to flood Abu Dhabi with “lit­ter po­lice”, it might be pos­si­ble to give the Mawaqif in­spec­tors an ad­di­tional role to im­pose on­the-spot fines.

Let’s try to stamp out the scourge of lit­ter­ing and keep the streets of Abu Dhabi clean. Jeremy Weekes, Abu Dhabi

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