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mel Stones, founder of An­i­mal Ac­tion uAe, shares her tips on keep­ing your an­i­mals healthy and safe

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EM­BRACE AIR-CON Keep your an­i­mal in­side an air-con­di­tioned area. Dozens of dogs die each sum­mer in the UAE from heat­stroke. With tem­per­a­tures reach­ing up to 50°C, few an­i­mals can with­stand be­ing kept out­side in the swel­ter­ing heat. Cold weather dogs, like huskies, are at par­tic­u­lar risk. Make sure your pet has ac­cess to an air-con­di­tioned space, out of di­rect drafts, at all times. Know the signs of heat­stroke and keep an eye out for them.

LAP IT UP Make sure your pet has plenty of ac­cess to fresh wa­ter. They may drink more than usual due to the hot weather. Keep an eye on wa­ter bowls and en­sure they never run dry. If you are leav­ing the house for any length of time you may want to put an ex­tra bowl down to be safe.

TAKE IT EASY Like hu­mans, an­i­mals may have less en­ergy dur­ing the sum­mer months. Never try to push them be­yond their lim­its and un­der­stand that they may want to doze more. This is par­tic­u­larly im­por­tant for older an­i­mals and pets with any medical con­di­tions, such as heart dis­ease or obe­sity.

GO FOR A STROLL Walk your dog in the early morn­ing and late at night, out of the main heat and glare, and al­ways take wa­ter for a dog to drink en­route. Many pet shops sell heat­proof booties to pro­tect your pet’s sen­si­tive foot­pads from burn­ing on the con­crete and sand. You couldn’t walk bare­foot on those sur­faces in the sum­mer so why ex­pect them to?

USE COM­MON SENSE This goes with­out say­ing but you should never, ever, leave an an­i­mal in your car with­out the air-con­di­tion­ing on. A dog be­hind glass in a car can die from heat­stroke within ten to 15 min­utes – the time you take to pop into the shop and back.

HAVE A PADDLE If you have a gar­den or a bal­cony, buy a small pad­dling pool from a pet store to put in the shade and cre­ate a cool down bath. Your pet will thank you.

THINK AHEAD If you are trav­el­ling, book your ken­nel or cat­tery stay early. Closer to the sum­mer places fill up, so plan ac­cord­ingly.

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