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As I read through wknd. this week, I found my­self on a roller- coaster ride of emo­tions. Both the heart­warm­ing story on hap­pi­ness ( Hap­pi­ness is… help­ing oth­ers, Apr 8) and the heart­break­ing story of Marisa Calo (‘ I want my daugh­ter to re­mem­ber the good times af­ter I’m gone’) brought on an avalanche of sen­ti­ment. Many so­cial ex­per­i­ments have proved that the best kind of hap­pi­ness is theone we de­rive when we help our brethren. As Lina says, “Every­thing that sep­a­rates us from oth­ers is ir­rel­e­vant, be­cause un­der­neath it all, we are just the same.” It is won­der­ful to see Lina and Jonny from The Same­ness Project show­case this through mean­ing­ful work that helps the com­mu­nity! The same goes for Za­reen Khan and Juhi Yas­meen Khan, who have found ways to em­power women. Mina and Ali have taken ‘ clown­ing’ to a whole new level and are do­ing in­cred­i­ble work to brighten the lives of those who are mis­er­able or sick. It is said that ‘ each day we make de­posits in the mem­ory banks of our chil­dren’, and Marisa Calo is not only do­ing this dili­gently but also doc­u­ment­ing it for pos­ter­ity. What a po ig­nant and thought­ful ges­ture by her to leave an in­erasable part of her­selfl f withi h h her pre­ciousi daugh­ter Avia even af­ter she’s gone! I hope that Marisa lives to a ripe old age and that she and her daugh­ter get to read this unique book to­gether many times over, rel­ish­ing ev­ery mo­ment in hap­pi­ness and sheer bliss. Gopal Nair, by email

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