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My hair is so greasy all the time, no mat­ter how much I sham­poo it — I hate it. please help me! with a few drops of lime­juice into your scalp; rinse af­ter an hour. Avoid hot wa­ter when rins­ing your hair, as this ac­ti­vates nat­u­ral oils, lead­ing to oily hai

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I am a 27- year- old, soon to be mar­ried in July this year. I wanted to know about your best home­made reme­dies that can keep the skin healthy, glow­ing and free from acne and black­heads. I’ve got dark cir­cles un­der my eyes and puffi­ness too. Can you please sug­gest any good reme­dies that can give speedy re­sults? Also, do you have any ef­fec­tive reme­dies for cracked heels?

— Name with­held A mask of cin­na­mon and honey, ap­plied five days a week, plus an­other made by mix­ing oats pow­der with tomato purée, ap­plied twice a week, are what you need. The lat­ter will help ex­fo­li­ate and brighten your skin, while cin­na­mon and honey will ac­ti­vate cir­cu­la­tion and clear the pim­ples quickly. Potato slices placed on the eyes for some time will lighten the area and re­duce puffi­ness. Ap­ply cas­tor oil on your heels and wrap them up in cot­ton socks to keep the oil in place — an ef­fec­tive rem­edy to heal your heels.

— Mri­nal Mix al­mond pow­der and oats pow­der to­gether in equal pro­por­tions. Add yo­ghurt and mas­sage the palms with this mix­ture. Al­low to dry, then scrub off the mask. Rinse first with warm wa­ter, then with cold wa­ter. Do this ev­ery­day for best re­sults. I’ve read that rins­ing hair with ap­ple cider vine­gar does won­ders for it. Is this a myth or will it yield re­sults if I try it?

Can stress be the cause of pim­ples? I’ve been hav­ing so many on my face of late ( I’ve never had them be­fore) and the only thing I can think of is how stressed I’ve been the last few months. Please give me a good rem­edy to make the pim­ples dis­ap­pear with­out leav­ing spots!

Pim­ples are the re­sult of a com­bi­na­tion of rea­sons such as hor­monal im­bal­ance, poor diet, stress and im­proper skin and hair care. I truly be­lieve in the good­ness of aloe vera — it oxy­genates and cleanses the skin, and helps calm the body too. In­gest­ing a ta­ble­spoon of fresh aloe vera gel is a good way to clear your stom­ach. Ap­ply a rich mask of aloe vera gel mixed with oats and rice pow­der to your skin ev­ery­day. Rinse with cold wa­ter, once dry, and watch your pim­ples go away.

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