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• 150 gm Span­ish white onion, sliced • 100 gm red onion, sliced • 25 gm gin­ger • 25 gm gar­lic • 250 gm plain flour • 1 gm saf­fron • 50 ml dou­ble cream • 50 ml veg­etable oil • 5 gm bay leaves • 10 gm black car­damom • 10 gm cin­na­mon sticks • 5 gm cumin seeds • 10 gm whole Kash­miri red chilli

• 800 gm lamb leg, boned, cut into 1-inch cubes •30gm­salt • 20 gm co­rian­der pow­der • 20 gm cumin pow­der • 2 gm turmeric pow­der • 5 gm ka­soori me­thi pow­der • 5 gm deggi mirch pow­der • 100 gm tomato, finely chopped • 10 gm green car­damom • 2 gm black pep­per­corns • 10 gm mace • 500 gm quinoa, washed, soaked • 20 gm mint • 20 ml rose wa­ter • 15 ml kewra wa­ter • 50 ml veg­etable oil, for fry­ing


Fry and brown the Span­ish and red onions in separate pans. Set aside.

Peel gin­ger and gar­lic cloves and make a fine paste.

Knead the flour in wa­ter and di­vide into four balls; keep re­frig­er­ated.

Soak saf­fron in cream and set aside.

In a thick-bot­tom pan, heat oil and tem­per with bay leaf, black car­damom, cin­na­mon sticks, cumin seeds and whole Kash­miri red chilli.

When these spices start to crackle, add lamb cubes and fried Span­ish onions; sear the lamb and add salt.

Cook and stir con­tin­u­ously un­til the lamb is seared and the onions are mashed to a fine paste-like con­sis­tency.

Add the gin­ger and gar­lic paste along with the pow­dered spices and re­duce to low heat; stir for 5 min­utes. Add toma­toes and cook for an­other 5 min­utes.

Add wa­ter un­til it cov­ers the lamb, cover with a lid and sim­mer for 15 min­utes. Check and stir the lamb reg­u­larly.

Once nearly done, turn the stove to high tem­per­a­ture and stir un­til al­most all the mois­ture evap­o­rates.

In a separate pan, boil wa­ter with green car­damom, black pep­per­corn and mace.

Add soaked quinoa and boil for 5 min­utes; strain when the quinoa is half-cooked.

Add quinoa to the lamb along with mint, rose wa­ter, kewra wa­ter, saf­fron cream and fried red onion; cover with lid and shake gen­tly.

Di­vide the biryani into four serv­ing bowls.

Roll out the four flour balls into 12-inch flat­breads and put the biryani in the mid­dle, cover and seal the dough so it re­sem­bles a pouch.

Fry the whole pouch in the re­main­ing veg­etable oil for 5 min­utes un­til the pas­try is cooked through.

Re­move from fryer, dry off ex­cess oil and cut the top off the pas­try.

Serve lamb biryani in the pouch with egg raita.

For the com­pote:

• 50 gm quinoa, washed, soaked

• 100 gm rasp­ber­ries, washed

• 20 gm low calo­rie sweet­ener


Pre­heat the oven to 175°C.

Whisk the eggs in a medium sized bowl.

Blend ba­nanas, dates and oil into a thick cream in a separate bowl.

Sift to­gether flour, bak­ing pow­der, cin­na­mon, nut­meg and car­damom and com­bine with the eggs and the ba­nanas.

Add co­conut flakes, wal­nuts and raisins and stir un­til the mix­ture comes to­gether.

Pour into a cake pan and bake for about 40 min­utes (stick a tooth­pick into the cen­tre of the cake; if it comes out clean, the cake is ready). Re­move and cool.

For the com­pote, place the quinoa and rasp­ber­ries into a heavy bot­tom saucepan. Add wa­ter to cover the berries, then add sweet­ener. Bring to boil and sim­mer for 15 min­utes (add more wa­ter if re­quired). Re­move from heat, trans­fer into a bowl and chill.

To serve, cut the cake into rec­tan­gles, and serve with quinoa and rasp­berry com­pote and fresh berries.

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