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2 tbsp but­ter 2 cups but­ter­nut squash, cubed 1 yel­low bell pep­per 4 cups veg­etable stock 2 tbsp fen­nel Salt and pep­per to taste 2 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp edamame bean seeds, boiled 2 tbsp cream Basil leaves, to gar­nish


Heat a pan and add but­ter, but­ter­nut and yel­low bell pep­per; sauté. Trans­fer the mix to a slow cooker or pan with 4 cups of stock. Add fen­nel. Bring it to the boil and sim­mer for 12 min­utes. Re­move from heat and dis­card the fen­nel; then cool.

Use a blender to make a smooth purée. Strain and warm again. Sea­son the soup with salt and white pep­per.

Heat olive oil in a pan and sauté the edamame bean seeds lightly.

To serve, top the soup with beans and cream. Gar­nish with basil leaves, if de­sired. Serve hot.

IN AC­TION: 1 Show­ing off his phys­i­cal prow­ess in 2 Along­side Natalie Dormer in the sev­enth sea­son of GOT Roy Thomas and Gil Kane in 1974.

“I knew about Dare­devil and Jes­sica Jones be­cause I was fa­mil­iar with the Net­flix shows,” Jones said, “What I liked about it is that they were tak­ing these su­per­hero char­ac­ters, but ac­tu­ally mak­ing them peo­ple,” he con­tin­ued. “They had is­sues, there was com­plex­ity to the char­ac­ters that grounded them in the real world, and they weren’t just these fan­tas­ti­cal, per­fect su­per­heroes. They had nu­ance.

Once he got in­volved with Iron Fist, Jones read some of the char­ac­ter’s comic books to gain “an idea of tone.”

How­ever, he em­pha­sised that, hav­ing spent sev­eral years on Game of Thrones, he had learned that “on an adap­ta­tion, you’re deal­ing with your own ver­sion of a char­ac­ter and the show run­ner’s and the writer’s.”

The show casts Jones as Danny Rand, a bil­lion­aire’s son long as­sumed dead in the same Asian plane crash that killed his par­ents. He sur­vived, how­ever, and was raised by monks in a mys­ti­cal city called K’un- Lun. There the monks trained Danny in the mar­tial arts and helped him master the power of the Iron Fist.

As the series be­gins, Danny re­turns to New York, where he grew up, to re­claim his name and his fam­ily’s com­pany. Few peo­ple are pleased to see him, how­ever, and some are ac­tively dis­pleased— no­tably child­hood fren­emy Ward Meacham ( Tom Pelphrey) and his sis­ter, Joy ( Jes­sica Stroup), who are now run­ning the Rand com­pany.

“Danny’s a re­ally com­plex char­ac­ter,” Jones said. “He’s al­ways stuck in the mid­dle of op­pos­ing forces. On one side he’s a very vul­ner­a­ble, lost spirit who’s suf­fered from in­cred­i­ble trauma when he was younger. He lost his par­ents, had to growupinav­ery­for­eign en­vi­ron­ment. He’s very frag­ile, very vul­ner­a­ble.

“And, on the other side, he’s this highly skilled, trained war­rior who has a re­spon­si­bil­ity to the Iron Fist and feels

March 24, 1988 ( age 28), Lon­don, Eng­land

DID YOU KNOW? Finn has a huge fol­low­ing on In­sta­gram be­cause he up­loads pic­tures from his trav­els! His user­name is Finnsta­gram ( not to be con­fused with Fin­sta­gram; see page 12)

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