Find your per­fect tuck and train your­self to hold it no mat­ter how hard you’re push­ing on the pedals

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Learn to hold the best aero tuck even when you’re at top speed

Work­ing on your speed, power and po­si­tion is the best way to make key per­for­mance gains on the bike. The big­gest and eas­i­est gains to be had are aero be­cause your body is re­spon­si­ble for 80% of the drag you gen­er­ate as you ride. And by re­duc­ing your frontal area you can start re­duc­ing your times.

But that doesn’t hap­pen with­out also work­ing on your fit­ness, be­cause you need to be able to hold a low-pro­file po­si­tion while you’re hold­ing your speed. The po­si­tion you’re look­ing to main­tain is with your shoul­ders shrugged in to­wards your ears and your chin pulled down to­wards your stem. The longer you can hold this the more time you’ll save, so this ses­sion is de­signed to work your fit­ness but also to en­gage the mus­cles you use in this po­si­tion.

I’d ad­vise you start by train­ing in­doors on a turbo in front of a mir­ror, so you can see how your ef­fort af­fects your po­si­tion and work on coun­ter­act­ing it. Once you get the hang of it then you can start do­ing it out­side.

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