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1 Wave train­ing. Spend 15mins a day in the days lead­ing up to the race learn­ing when to dive into waves dur­ing the swim start, and when to catch one and body surf it to­wards the exit. Look for ap­proach­ing waves when you’re breath­ing so you know whether to dive un­der it, catch it or let it pass over you if it’s too big. 2 Work on de­vel­op­ing faster and shorter strokes. Do 20 x 50m, with 10secs rest. The more arm strokes you can fit in to each rep, the bet­ter you’ll be able to cope with the choppy wa­ters. 3 4- 6 x 5mins MTB at 90% HR­max, with 1:30mins easy rid­ing in be­tween. Do this on a steep climb or some sin­gle­track that’s not too tech­ni­cal but not a road. 4 40min hilly trail jog. Ac­cel­er­ate on the de­scents – just let go and be as smooth as pos­si­ble. 5 4 x[4 x 30sec run/30sec rest, with 3 reps as­cend­ing and 1 rep de­scend­ing]. 3mins rest in be­tween.

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