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Matt Collins Nik Cook gives some use­ful tips on tyre pres­sure in Septem­ber’s Ask220 [is­sue 342]. But as an en­gi­neer, I’d dis­pute the claim that an in­creased contact area in­creases grip. The fric­tion gen­er­ated de­pends on the ma­te­ri­als of the tyre and road and the weight. It’s in­de­pen­dent of sur­face area. So, all other fac­tors be­ing equal, re­duc­ing tyre pres­sure won’t give you more grip.

Re­duc­ing the skip and bounce will re­duce the like­li­hood of a wet weather skid, though. So it’s still a good idea. Nik Cook says: If it re­duces skip and bounce, and there­fore the like­li­hood of a skid, surely grip is im­proved? I think this just comes down to se­man­tics! But glad to hear Matt found it use­ful.

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