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Stroke Anal­y­sis

Find a triathlon swim coach who can pro­vide video stroke anal­y­sis. Use this to iden­tify the as­pects of your tech­nique that can be im­proved and ask for ad­vice on spe­cific ses­sions to work on them.

T10 or T20 Test

With a friend record­ing your 100m splits, swim as far as you can in 10mins (be­gin­ner) or 20mins (ex­pe­ri­enced). Aim to even pace or neg­a­tive split the swim. Use the re­sult to re­view your pac­ing.

Count vs Rate

Count the num­ber of strokes you take per 25m at a given swim speed, then see if you can re­duce that count while hold­ing pace. Then hold your count and up your stroke rate to in­crease speed.

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