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Speedo’s Chris John­son talks us through the R+D be­hind their Fast­skin Elite gog­gle… In com­pet­i­tive pool swim­ming, drag re­duc­tion is prob­a­bly the most im­por­tant route to a faster swim. Gog­gle lenses with greater pe­riph­eral vi­sion al­low a swim­mer to view their com­peti­tors in other lanes with greater clar­ity and ac­cu­racy. That means swim­mers need to make less un­nec­es­sary head move­ments, which could in­crease their drag in the wa­ter. This wider field of view also pro­vides a swim­mer with more info from which to ex­e­cute their race plan. In­stead of a con­ven­tional flat el­lip­ti­cal lens with clear for­ward vi­sion and dou­ble cur­va­ture sur­round­ing sur­faces, which can dis­tort un­der­wa­ter vi­sion, we cre­ated the Fast­skin Elite goggles with a flat front lens. It has a ver­ti­cal bend tran­si­tion to a sin­gle cur­va­ture lens shape on the side. It’s this shape on the side of the lens that re­duces the un­der­wa­ter dis­tor­tion and makes for added pe­riph­eral vi­sion. This lens shape also hap­pens to pro­vide an­other ben­e­fit of be­ing lower in pro­file to the face; there­fore, the gog­gle has a smaller cross-sec­tional area to the on­com­ing wa­ter flow. There’s less form drag for in­creased speed and a lower im­pact force on the top of the goggles when div­ing, which means a re­duced risk of the goggles be­com­ing dis­lodged and leak­ing.

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