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£28 (for 18) Tribe’s key sell is its nat­u­ral in­gre­di­ent sourc­ing, and this en­ergy bar is burst­ing with nu­tri­tional good­ness. Cue the ad­di­tion of oats, rye flakes, buck­wheat flakes and teff flour – flouted as ‘the grain’ that fu­els Ethiopian Olympic run­ners. That re­sults in a claimed (and huge) 251cals in this 65g bar, with 41g of slowre­leas­ing carbs. We’d ques­tion that as it also con­tains fas­tre­leas­ing rice syrup. Around 6g fats and 5g pro­tein cover the re­main­ing calo­ries. It’s solid sports nu­tri­tion but, along the way, Tribe have lost touch with taste and mois­ture, leav­ing a bland, grainy bar. weare­

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