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6 x yoga ‘sun salu­ta­tion’ se­quence

2 x 20 press-ups

From 10-20, al­ter­nate tak­ing one hand off to tap op­po­site shoul­der •

2 x shoul­der ma­trix

Lie face down, arms to side, per­form 10 small for­ward ro­ta­tions fol­lowed by 10 back­ward. Re­peat with arms ex­tended above head, then 10 small arm lifts in both po­si­tions •

5 x core plank ma­trix

Front plank, hold with good align­ment, tran­si­tion onto side plank hold, tran­si­tion to front hold, tran­si­tion to other side hold. Build from 10sec to 30sec holds •

2 x 10 su­per­man back ex­ten­sions

Lie face down, al­ter­nate arms/legs

POOL WARM-UP 4 x 100m build

20sec rest be­tween reps

MAIN SET 6 x 100m kick

As 25m tomb­stone kick, 25m easy kick, 50m stream­line side­kick with fins 30sec rest be­tween reps

6 x 150m

100m with re­sis­tance (drag para­chute/shorts, or arms only with pull buoy and band)/50m un­re­sisted 30sec rest be­tween reps

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