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A Abi­gail abi­gaila­h­ern.comAh­ern Abode Liv­ing abode­liv­ Al­bion Bath Com­pany al­bion­ Amara Am­bi­ente Direct am­bi­ente­di­ AMC De­sign am­cin­te­ri­orde­ An­drew Martin an­drew­ And So To Bed and­so­ An­nie Sloan an­nies­ An­thro­polo­gie an­thro­polo­ APS aps­ma­ Ard­ingly An­tiques & Col­lec­tors Fair­ingly Ar­gos ar­ Ar­te­ri­ors ar­te­ri­or­ Ar­ti­santi ar­ti­ Atkin and Thyme atk­i­ B B&Q Barker & Stone­house barkerand­stone­ Bath­store bath­ Bed­steads bed­ Beliani Bert & May bertand­ Best Tile Bobby Rab­bit bob­byrab­ Brian Yates Burling­ton burling­ton­bath­ But­ton & Sprung but­to­nand­ C Casa Home casa­ CB2 Chantelle chantel­le­light­ Clip­pings clip­ Cole & Son Cole­fax and Fowler cole­ Cotswold Co Covet cov­et­ Cox & Cox coxand­ CP Hart Crushed Vel­vet Fur­ni­ture crushed­vel­vetfur­ni­ Cur­rys cur­ D Deben­hams deben­ De­sign­ers Guild de­sign­ers­ DEVOL de­volk­ Dfs Drum­monds drum­ Dunnes Stores dun­nes­ Dwell E Emma Bridge­wa­ter emmabridge­wa­ Es­tate Fab­ric and Home es­ Etsy F 1stdibs Fal­con Fab­rics fal­con­fab­ Far­row & Ball far­ Ferm Liv­ing fermliv­ Fired Earth Floor and Wall Tile Com­pany floorand­walltile­com­ Fourneaux de France G Ge­orge wool grove be spoke­orge george­ Go Gra­ham gra­hamand­ Wall­pa­perLit­tle and Trad­ingGreen gowall­pa­­pany HGSGu bi In­te­ri­ors Habi­tat­ gs in­te­rior de­sign. habi­ hamp­shire­fur­ni­­shire Fur­ni­ture H&M Har­lequin Home har­ Heal's Hec­tor heals.comFinch hec­ Hi­laryHome base& Flo home­­lary andf lo. Homescapes home­scapeson­ Home­senseHomestead Gar­den home­sense.comRooms home­stead­tim­ber­build­ Price hot­ House roy­alde­­tor at Royal De­sign House of Is­abella house­ofis­ How­dens how­ I Ian Mankin ian­ Idyll Home idyll­ Ikea Inadam Fur­ni­ture in­adam­fur­ni­ In­dia Jane in­di­a­ Ines Cole in­ In­ter House Win­dows in­ Iris Fur­nish­ing iris­fur­nish­ Is­abelle Healy is­abelle­healy. J Jamie Oliver jamieo­liv­ Jane Clay­ton janeclay­ Jim Lawrence Johnathan Joseph Buil­dand­de­sign­ John Lewis john­ Jonathan Adler Ju­lian Chich­ester ju­lianchich­ K Kartell L Laura Ash­ley lau­raash­ Lau­ren As­ton De­signs lau­re­nas­ton­de­ Life Story lifesto­ Ligne Roset Lind­sey Lang lind­sey­ Lit­tle Greene lit­tle­ Lloyd Loom of Spald­ing lloyd­ Loaf Lock­stock & Bar­rel lock­stockand­bar­ Lom­bok lom­ Look­ing Glass of Bath look­ing­glas­sof­ Loop the Loop loopth­ Lor­fords An­tiques lor­ford­san­ M Made Made in De­sign madein­de­ Maisons du Monde maisons­du­ Man­darin Stone man­darin­ Mar­ble City mar­ Marks & Spencer mark­sand­ Mar­quis & Dawe mar­quisand­ May­fair Gran­ite may­fair­gran­ Mod­ern Rugs mod­ Mon­u­ment In­te­ri­ors mon­u­mentin­te­ri­ Mo­ti­flow mo­ti­ N Nat­u­ral Cu­riosi­ties nat­u­ral­cu­riosi­ Nep­tune nep­ Nest Ne­wark In­ter­na­tional An­tiques & Col­lec­tors Fair­wark Next Niki Jones Nordic House nordi­c­ Noyeks New­mans

O Oak Fur­ni­ture­land oak­fur­ni­ture­ Oka Old­field Light + Sound + Vi­sion old­field­ Old School Join­ery old­schooljoin­ Olive & the Fox olive­andthe­fox. Orig­i­nal BTC orig­i­ Orig­i­nal Style orig­i­nal­ Out & Out Orig­i­nal outand­outo­rig­i­ P Paint & Pa­per Li­brary paint-li­ Pa­mono pa­ Pas­tel Lane pastel­ Pinch pinchde­ Pooky Purves & Purves

R Range­mas­ter range­mas­ Re­clec­tic re­clec­ Red Candy red­ Red Dove red­ Rock­ett St Ge­orge rock­ettst­ge­ Romo Ro Sham Beaux Roth­schild & Bick­ers roth­schild­bick­ Rowen & Wren rowe­nand­ Royal De­sign roy­alde­ Russ­wood russ­

S Scaw­ton Kitchens scaw­ Ser­ena & Lily ser­e­naan­ Sims Hilditch Sis­ters Skandium Guild sis­ters­ So­fas Stone­ham& Stuff Kitchens so­fasand­ stone­­tu­dio Snow­puppe stu­dios­now­ Stu­dio Trench stu­ Svenkst Tenn sven­sk­t­ Sweetpea & Wil­low sweet­peaand­wil­ Swoon Edi­tions swoonedi­ T The Al­bion Bath Com­pany al­bion­ The Ar­ti­san House thearti­san­ The Chair Peo­ple thechair­peo­ The Chan­de­lier & Mir­ror Com­pany chan­de­lier­sand­mir­ The Con­ran Shop con­ran­ The Dormy House the­do­rmy­ The French Bed­room Com­pany frenchbed­room­com­ The Fur­ni­ture Mar­ket the­fur­ni­ture­mar­ The Linen Works the­li­nen­ The Old Cin­ema the­old­cin­ The Old Flight House the­old­flight­ The Orig­i­nal Bed Co The White Com­pany the­white­com­ Tile­flair tile­ Tiles Direct TK Maxx tk­ Tolly Mcrae tol­lym­ Topps Tiles topp­ Trade Se­cret trade-se­ Trouva Trow­bridge Gallery trow­bridge­ Tubs & Tiles tub­ Turn­bull & Thomas turn­bul­ U Unique Chic Fur­ni­ture uniquechic­fur­ni­ Ur­ban Cot­tage In­dus­tries ur­ban­cot­tagein­dus­ Util­ity util­i­ty­de­ V Vel­vet & Dash vel­ Vic­to­ria + Al­bert vand­ Vic­to­rian Plumb­ing vic­to­ri­an­plumb­ Vinyl­net vinyl­ VSP In­te­ri­ors vspin­te­ri­

W Wall­pa­per Direct wall­pa­perdi­ Way­fair way­ White & Faded white­and­ Work­top Ex­press work­top-ex­ Wren Kitchens Z Zaz­zle zaz­

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