Edi­tor Ben­nett pe­ruses the ar­chives of 911 & Porsche World from days gone by. What’s changed? That will be ev­ery­thing and noth­ing...

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Jour­ney through 911&PW’S past

So, what was hap­pen­ing 12-years ago? Well, plenty of course, as the 911&PW col­lec­tive ven­tured forth to gather the usual eclec­tic mix of prime Porsche ma­te­rial for reader con­sump­tion. Per­haps the big­gest story, and cer­tainly the one that would res­onate the most over the years, was in the news pages, where we de­voted two pages to Aut­o­farm’s all new Sil­sleeve process for Porsche’s M96 en­gine, plus its IMS bear­ing fix.

Sil­sleeve, as the name sug­gests, was the re­pair pro­ce­dure for ex­ist­ing blocks that had suf­fered dam­age to the cylin­der lin­ers, with Aut­o­farm ef­fec­tively resleev­ing with a steel liner and sav­ing the block from be­ing scrapped. Aut­o­farm were the first to find a fix for this prob­lem and nat­u­rally were keen to pass on the good news. Keen also to try a Sil­sleeve en­gine out and to that end we fit­ted one to the mag­a­zine’s 996 C2 project car, to­gether with Aut­o­farm’s IMS bear­ing mod­i­fi­ca­tion. It should be said that the en­gine in our 60,000-mile 996 was seem­ingly in good health, but pre­ven­tion is bet­ter than cure and all that. The car is still around and mileage has climbed well into three fig­ures now, and Aut­o­farm, plus oth­ers, have fixed many M96 en­gines, while 911&PW has carved some­thing of a rep­u­ta­tion for its fore­warned is fore­armed cov­er­age of the M96 en­gine and its foibles.

On the cover we posed the ques­tion: 911 Turbo or GT3? Well, de­ci­sions, de­ci­sions, but in the end we came down in favour of the 996 GT3 for sheer raw thrills.

Else­where we took a 997 to the Nür­bur­gring; had some fun in a 912E; ex­plored the fact and fic­tion of James Dean’s fatal crash in ‘Lit­tle Bas­tard’; took a drive in a Croa­t­ion reader’s 964 and paid homage to one of Porsche’s ear­lier off-road de­signs: The Type 166 Sch­wimmwa­gen.

Slightly more amus­ing than the above wor­thy con­tent, was air-cooled die-hard, Keith Seume’s jour­ney into the world of Porsche and wa­ter. Not so much wa­ter-cooled, but more wa­ter-heated, as he ad­mit­ted to be­ing se­duced by a Porsche De­sign ket­tle. Need­less to say the re­la­tion­ship soon soured as the Porsche ket­tle suf­fered one wa­ter based fail­ure after an­other.

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