911 Porsche World - - Product Call -

It's newer than two ex­tremely new things in a pod. It's faster than six ex­tremely fast things in a crank case. Yes, it's the mighty new 700hp 911 GT2 RS, the one 911 to rule them all. Of course, at pre­cisely £207,506 it's pretty pricey as 911s go. It's also a bit of a stretch to imag­ine you could just pop into your lo­cal Porsche dealer and pick one up, even if you have the cash burn­ing a hole in your wal­let. With all that in mind, why not go for sec­ond best with this bang-on 1/18th scale model from Spark. Avail­able in both launch colours of sil­ver and black and a bumble bee style yel­low and black, the lat­ter fit­ted with the Weis­sach pack, it's a supremely de­tailed ef­fort, as well it should be for €349.95 in­clud­ing VAT from the fine fel­lows at se­lec­ That's the mi­nor mat­ter of £312, but then if you want the best it usu­ally costs.

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