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As if Porsche aban­don­ing LMP1 and sports car rac­ing in favour of For­mula E isn't bad enough, the news that the sale of fos­sil fu­elled cars will be banned from 2040 (in the UK at least), is yet an­other nail in the cof­fin for us car folk.

Now, I'm not go­ing to pick over this one, save to say that dig­ging into the small print it's not quite as dra­co­nian as it sounds, or not quite as dra­co­nian as the sen­sa­tion­al­ist news feeds made it sound. And be­sides I have no doubt that led by the likes of Porsche, the car boffins can make it hap­pen and are al­ready work­ing to make it hap­pen any­way. And for many peo­ple it prob­a­bly can't come soon enough. In­ter­nal com­bus­tion is a has­sle and ex­pen­sive. An elec­tric fu­ture will be much cheaper and qui­eter and all those other green things.

What isn't go­ing to hap­pen is an out­right ban on petrol pow­ered cars, or per­haps even diesel. Us car folk will be­come recre­ational driv­ers and hob­by­ists, much as we are now in fact, but more so. Our elec­tric or hy­brid or even au­ton­o­mous cars will tackle the drudgery. Driv­ing a 'proper' liv­ing, breath­ing, car will be­come a vis­ceral thrill to be en­joyed, the en­vi­ron­men­tal im­pact viewed as neg­li­gi­ble. Sure, we won't be able to drive them into a town or city cen­tre, but then who would want to any­way?

The coun­try­side will still wel­come car driv­ers. Pubs will be packed with clas­sic cars out for a run, cir­cuits will buzz with ac­tiv­ity and all those clas­sic rac­ing fes­ti­vals will take on an even more im­por­tant and cher­ished role as folk flock to see his­tory and noise in ac­tion, prefer­ably in their own clas­sic.

2040? Bring it on!

This is what clas­sic Porsche driv­ing will look like in 2040. So, not that dif­fer­ent then!


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