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Many thanks to IT con­sul­tant, Brian Gunn, for pitch­ing in with his lovely and early 1998 996 Car­rera 2. In sil­ver, it's the de­fin­i­tive launch colour and very­much of its time. It's Brian's sec­ond Porsche, his first be­ing a 986 Boxster.

Brian picked his 996 up last Oc­to­ber and since then has put 10,000-miles on it. “It's pretty much my ev­ery­day car, he says. And how­much? Well, youmight want tomake sure that you're seated at this point, but Brian paid just £11,000 for this two-owner car, which, at the time, had just 64,000-miles on the clock. Brian de­scribes it as a “golf car” used mainly to trans­port owner and clubs to the golf club. Creak­ing sus­pen­sion al­lowed Brian to whit­tle the price down and sure enough it re­quired four new cof­fin arms and var­i­ous other bushes and sus­pen­sion arms, which just seemto wear out do­ing noth­ing. The re­sult, though, is a per­fect han­dling, stan­dard 996.

“It's pret­ty­much all I need froma car. It's sim­ple, it's got an en­gine, a gear­box and some brakes. There's very lit­tle to go wrong.” Brian does all his own span­ner­ing, chang­ing the sus­pen­sion and ex­haust sys­tem him­self. “It's pretty easy to work on, he says. “The only is­sues are cor­roded bolts. I had to cut a few off on the ex­haust. The ex­haust header studs have just turned into rusty blobs...”

These, of course, are the trials and tribu­la­tions on a car that in Brian's case is 19-years old. Yes, sure doesn't look it. How­much again? A word to the wise then fromthe 911 & Pw camp. Don't let the 996 boat sale off into the sun­set. Sure there's a lot of 996 dross out there right now, some strange colours, specs and toomany Tip­tron­ics, but good man­ual C2s are go­ing to be­com emuch sought after, just as any good man­ual, rear drive 911 has al­ways been.

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