911 Porsche World - - The 996 At 20 -

Of course we wanted to use a 993 C2 Coupe for this com­par­i­son. Stands to rea­son doesn't it? But such is the way with these things two can­di­dates fell by the way­side at the 11th hour so we were on the blower to friend of 911&PW, Paul Stephens. ‘Paul’, we begged, ‘we need a 993 C2 Coupe, to­mor­row...’ Paul reeled off a long list of 993s in stock and about to come in. In short he had ev­ery­thing but a Coupe. ‘Got a Targa. It's man­ual,’ he said. My in­ner Porsche snob re­coiled at the thought. ‘Hor­ri­ble, creaky, leaky things. And who needs a glass roof?’ And those are the prej­u­dices of aman who's never even driven a 993 Targa be­fore. How­ever, roof ap­pa­ra­tus and a bit of added weight aside, it ticked the boxes.

So, ready for the­mo­ment of rev­e­la­tion, the clat­ter of the penny drop­ping? Maybe I'm just get­ting old, but I loved it. With the glass roof in place, the Targa was as snug, fir­mand rat­tle free as any other 993. Slid back it cre­ated a gen­uine open air ex­pe­ri­ence, but with­out the racket that ac­com­pa­nies the cur­rent 991 Targa. You can re­ally hear the wonderful flat­six howl, too. And to top it all, this 62,000-mile 993 was a good 'un and per­fectly rep­re­sen­ta­tive as to how a 993 should drive.

Sure, it's not £11k like our 996, but that's the­mar­ket for you. How­ever, it's for sale with Paul at £56,000, which in 993 terms is spot-on.

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