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‘In road­hold­ing, han­dling and ride, the 924 has few ri­vals and im­parts great con­fi­dence to driver and pas­sen­ger alike. Me­chan­i­cal re­fine­ment is lack­ing at the top end of the en­gine’s range and the de­gree of road noise is a sad dis­ap­point­ment – one must remember that the car is not nec­es­sar­ily how Porsche would have de­signed and engi­neered it for them­selves.’ Au­to­car, 924 road test, February 1977 ‘You're re­minded of how tre­men­dously stylish the Porsche 924 was. The fas­cia now looks plain, but back then its el­e­gant sim­plic­ity stunned; Ja­panese sports cars were still try­ing to em­u­late it a decade later. The same ap­plies to the driv­ing feel of the 924. Now, it feels bumpy and noisy, but it was re­fined for its day, and while the gearchange is on the heavy side, it was an achieve­ment to get it as pre­cise as it was, given the re­mote link­age.’ 911 & Porscheworld, look­ing back at the 924, 912E and 914/6, September 2002

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