OC­TO­BER 2000 (IS­SUE 79)

911 Porsche World - - The Way We Were -

Sem­i­nal Porsche mo­ments? Well, the ar­rival of the 996 Turbo is surely one of them. True, the 911 Turbo was hardly a new con­cept in it­self, but the 996 Turbo took it to a whole new level when launched 17years ago. After spend­ing a week with the four-wheel drive pro­jec­tile we were in no doubt as to its stag­ger­ing abil­i­ties, and had you told us then that the cur­rent 911 Turbo would have an ex­tra 100+bhp over the 996’s 420bhp, we would prob­a­bly have needed to go for a lie-down!

El­swhere, Edi­tor Horton saw fit to com­ment on the re­cent fuel de­pot block­ades that had brought the UK to a stand­still, largely thanks to hauliers protest­ing about sky high fuel prices. Good on ’em we all thought, al­though whether we would have been feel­ing quite the same if the dis­pute had rum­bled on for longer than it did, I’m not quite so sure. Can’t remember whether the prices came down much, ei­ther.

In the ever pop­u­lar ‘Tried and tested’ slot, we slipped be­hind the wheel of a gen­uine 2.7 RS Tour­ing for sale at £37,000 at Aut­o­farm. We’ll leave you to mull over that one...

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